Top 10 Things to Do in Krabi

Top 10 Things to Do in Krabi (Thailand)

Krabi is one of the most well-known provinces in Thailand. In fact, tourists from all over the world go there. There are nice beaches and the party scene is pretty nice. There are no direct flights there though so you would need to land in Bangkok or Chiang Mai first if you are coming from other countries. Getting there will be a long flight but it is going to be worth it because of all the awesome things to do. There is no doubt three days is not enough due to all the great places to be in Krabi. Here are some nice things to do there:

Listing of the 10 Things to Do in Krabi Thailand:

1. Shop at the Night Market

Shop at the Night Market

The Krabi night market has some pretty neat finds. It is loaded with delicious street food and local souvenirs. It gets pretty crowded at night so it would be advisable to go there early. There are some performers who will sing and dance for your entertainment too. The tables get filled up early so it would be advisable to assign someone in your group to look for tables then you can all take turns buying food. The prices are pretty low and you can even haggle for lower prices.

2. Go to Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Go to Krabi Elephant Sanctuary
Thailand is pretty famous for bathing with elephants. At Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, you get to bathe with these gently creatures. You will find out why you must never ride these animals. It is bad enough to use them as a form of tourist attraction so what more if you are making them work hard each day. There are half-day and whole-day options depending on your availability and budget.

3. Visit Monkey Island

Visit Monkey Island
One of the most famous things to do in all of Thailand is to go island hopping then visit Monkey Beach. You will find fun and friendly monkeys there who would gladly sit on your shoulder for some photo opportunities. You will also come across Phi Phi Islands where the famous move The Beach was shot. Lunch won’t disappoint as it is at an island filled with excellent food. Better be careful with some of the monkeys though as there are some who bite.

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4. Do the Four-Island Tour

Do the Four-Island Tour
Hop on a speedboat and meet other tourists where you can visit the four islands of Krabi. Poda Island, Chicken Island, Phra Nang Cave, and Tup Island are the main stopovers in this tour. You will certainly find out that each one is pretty special. The tour will take an entire day so better save a day for that. Don’t forget to do some snorkeling in the middle of the ocean as you will be able to see some lovely sea creatures. If you don’t know how to swim, it would be better to wear a life vest for your safety.

5. Visit Railay Beach

Visit Railay Beach
Railay beach is such a stunning white sand beach where there are no cars and motorboats. There are only a bunch of tailboats and some of them sell amazing food. It also has the best sunset in all of Krabi. It is just a short boat ride away from Krabi town. The number of people there increases when the sun goes up. There are a number of beachfront resorts there too.

6. Go Rock Climbing

Go Rock Climbing
For the fit people, it would be an awesome idea to go rock climbing especially when it is afternoon. There are some places in Railay beach that offers this fun activity. This activity will surely make you lose a bunch of calories especially when it is pretty sunny. They will even equip you with the right rock climbing gear so you won’t fall down or get into an accident while within the rocks.

7. Relax at Klong Thom Hot Springs

Relax at Klong Thom Hot Springs
It would be very relaxing to take a short dip at Klong Thom Hot Srpings especially if you are tired from walking the entire day. The hot water will certainly make you forget all about your problems.

8. Visit Koh Tao

Visit Koh Tao
Koh Tao is just a van ride away from Railay Beach. It is a long stretch of white and beaches. You will certainly not notice how fast time flies while you are relaxing there. There are a lot of diving schools for those who would want to try free diving. It is a great activity for those who like to explore beneath the waters of Thailand. Just like Ao Nang beach, Koh tao gets pretty lively during night time since it is a tourist hot spot. You will have a lot of great options when it comes to bars to visit.

9. Enjoy the Night Life of Ao Nang Beach

Enjoy the Night Life of Ao Nang Beach
Just thirty minutes away from Krabi town is Ao Nang beach. It is a long beach that is pretty lively at night. There are a lot of beachfront bars and restaurants that have good entertainers. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself partying the night away while drinking with newfound friends. If you have yet to book your island hopping tours, this is the best place to book it. Besides, the prices here are pretty low so you can negotiate with the tour agencies.

10. Swim at Phra Nang Beach

Swim at Phra Nang Beach
There is nothing like enjoying the crystal clear waters of Phra Nang Beach. There won’t be any sporting activities in this beach as it is the perfect place to relax. The sunset here is quite nice too for those who like to enjoy that. From Ao Nang beach, it is just twenty minutes away if you are taking the longboat.

In conclusion, you are going to enjoy each day of your stay if you do all the above things at Krabi. It is a great place with some nice people. The locals are pretty nice and they will treat you nicely especially if they find out you are a tourist. What are you waiting for? Check out flight prices going there today and you won’t regret it. In fact, don’t be surprised if you plan on coming back there before leaving it.

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