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AweFox is a New York based online blog focused on a wide range of topics including product reviews, entertainment, lifestyle and more. If it was designed to make your life better and you more productive, you will find it here at AweFox.

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I am the founder and lead blogger here and want to thank you for visiting and invite you to stop back often as we look at the products and ideas that shape your life. Chances are, you subscribe to a lot of online blogs. One to let you know what is trending online, another to show you the latest styles in today’s fashion and another to make shopping online easier and to help you find the best products to buy in every category imaginable. Our collection of Top 10 lists are used by people all over the world to find everything from the best Jason Statham films, to the best coffeemaker, even the best live shows in your area. When you want the best of the best for you and your family, choose AweFox and see what our writers have in store for you. You’ll be glad you did!

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AweFox offers our readers and subscribers the best product reviews and the most comprehensive Top 10 lists anywhere! Our product testers select products that are trending on Amazon, test and review them and report their findings here on AweFox for our readers. What products are the best buys and who has the best prices online? Find out today at AweFox and get the best products the industry has to offer. AweFox also offers helpful buyer’s guides that will give you some tips and shopping advice for a wide range of products. From athletic apparel, books and movies and home goods, to electronics, useful gadgets, pet supplies and more, AweFox reviews more products than any other online review site.


Looking for a good movie for your next date night? Maybe you are playing it low key and staying in. Either way, turn to AweFox and find the latest entertainment trends, hottest stars and the best movies anywhere. Whatever your favorite genre, whoever your favorite actor or performer, AweFox has the entertainment news and reviews to fulfill your entertainment needs. Find out what’s trending in streaming music and video and let our entertainment guides help you make your life more exciting today!


From clothing and fashion to entertainment, dining, travel and more, AweFox has you covered. Our lifestyle experts know what’s trending, who’s hot and who’s not in the entertainment industry and where you should go when planning your next vacation. Think of us as your personal lifestyle concierge that you can turn to when you want to look, feel and live your best! AweFox takes your satisfaction very seriously and we are committed to creating an online platform that our readers and subscribers can depend on. We provide the most accurate reviews of the latest products trending on Amazon and give you the news, tips, and advice you need to make your life better than ever!

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