10 Best Throw Pillows in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

10 Best Throw Pillows

Throw pillows have various functions as they guarantee the user has good relaxation, sleeps well and has a comfortable rest. These pillows have an array of designs that make them very suitable for the different comfort needs of consumers. However, some throw pillows are carefully designed to suit the different kind of sleepers i.e. stomach sleepers, back sleepers or even side sleepers. The purpose is ensure the sleeper is very comfortable so as to avoid any shoulder pains, neck pains or back pains.

How to Choose Best Throw Pillows:

The market is wide and full of types of brands which can be quite confusing. Selecting the ideal throw pillow require extensive knowledge on the matter. This means that there are a few factors that need to be taken into careful consideration before purchasing a throw pillow, these are:


The construction material ought to meet the consumer’s expectations. This means that an individual needs to identify a product that satisfies their needs, has high durability and does not have a bad odor.

Shape and size

The size and format dictate the use of a throw pillow. There are those that have a design that is adjustable to suit the different types of sleepers. Ensure that the right size is selected.

Other factors

The other factors to consider include the ease of washing, the cost of the product as well as the type of foam utilized.

The above 3 factors are invaluable if considered before purchasing a pillow.

Best Throw Pillows Reviews:


Brentwood Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow

Brentwood Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow

This is indeed a good pillow that is bound to answer all of the consumers’ comfort and sleep questions. It is completely made of good polyester material. It has a suitable plush filling to provide support and extreme comfort when lounging around. It has an exemplary versatile design for sofas and pillow. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth (spot cleaning). It is of very high and consistent quality. It is the product to go for if you desire comfort and softness.


Disney Minnie Toddler

Disney Minnie Toddler

This is a top-notch product from the renowned Disney brand. Its construction material is the durable and high quality solid coral fleece polyester. It is ideal for the bed of toddlers because of the aesthetic appeal of the printed applique of Minnie Mouse. It is light in weight i.e. 8 ounces. It is simple to clean through machine washing in cold water.


Home Brilliant Decorative Throw Pillow

Cotton Linen Square Pillow Case

The name implies it all. This product is a luxurious pillow case that is suitable for both hotel and home use. It has an attractive and complete cotton linen blend. The hidden zipper design is a handy feature. This product can be easily machine-washed using cold water and tumbled dried without much hassle. It has a suitable size of 18″ x 18″ inches and a light weight.


Ankit Mermaid Pillow

Ankit Mermaid Pillow

This product is a favorite of consumers due to its maximum comfort and its softness. It is made of polyester material and has a great size of 16″x16″. It is beneficial because it is sold when filled thus no extra purchase is required for separate insert. For easy use, it is equipped with a high quality flip sequin. It is available in various colors to suit the different consumer needs. This product can be conveniently used for sofas and bedrooms. It has a light weight of 8 ounces.


EvZ Emoji Smiley Emoticon Pillow

EvZ Emoji Smiley Emoticon Pillow

This product promises good results because of its super-soft comfort features and its elegant design. It is available in over 33 different colors to satisfy various consumer preferences. The material of construction is the reliable Poly Propylene (PP). It is versatile as it can be used as both a lap and a head pillow. It is ideal for both living rooms and bedrooms. It has a great hand feeling, has no odors, it is lint-free and is very cute. This throw pillow is the best way to express yourself with the various emoticons.


Utopia Bedding Decorative Square Pillow

Utopia Bedding Decorative Square Pillow

This is a king size pillow that has a white and quatrefoil pillow cover. The pattern on this throw pillow is Moroccan-inspired with a bit of a sophisticated color palette to provide style to outdoor settings. It is available in 3 gorgeous colors. The exterior is made of spun polyester while the interior is polyester fiberfill that easily dries. It is sold with a regular zipper. The removable pillow cover facilitates easier washing, it can be hand washed using mild detergent or spot cleaned. Furthermore, it has UV protection and is mildew and mold resistant.


White Wedding Ring Pillow

White Wedding Ring Pillow

This product is a 5 star pillow that is made of reliable material i.e. faux pearl, ribbon and durable soft satin. It has a suitable size of 0.4 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches. Satin ribbons are used to decorate this unique white ring pillow and a beautiful flower bud buckle acts as a tie to the ring. It is light in weight and has a wonderful compact size for portability and easy storage.


BLUETTEK Modern Simple Geometric Pillow

BLUETTEK Modern Simple Geometric Pillow

This product is a 4-set throw pillow covers that are firm and ultra-soft. The design features a modern fashion style that easily matches other pillows and sofas. It is available in 6 interesting colors i.e. Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Green Spring, Arrows and Diamonds, Birds and Leaves. Each unit is light in weight (190-200g) to allow for portability and ease in storage. It made using cotton linen Burlap material which is of superior quality and is very durable.


Pillow Perfect Rectangular Throw Pillow

Pillow Perfect Rectangular Throw Pillow

This is undoubtedly a versatile throw pillow that is available in a pretty turquoise color. It is completely made of a high end polyester material. It is very easy to clean through hand washing or light spot cleaning of the pillow fabric with the help of cool water and a mild detergent. This product has a plush fill that is essentially a polyester fiber filling. The package includes two outdoor pillows that do not fade in sunlight and are weather resistant thus suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.


Pillow Perfect Reversible Corded Throw Pillow

Pillow Perfect Reversible Corded Throw Pillow

This is the perfect pillow for indoor and outdoor use as the name suggests. It is made of a viable polyester material for comfort and durability. Its size of 18.5-inch length X 18.5-inch width X 5-inch depth makes its storage and even portability easy. This amazing throw pillow is easily cared for by hand washing it or spot cleaning using cool water and a very mild detergent before it is air dried. It has well-trimmed edges that have matching cord and fabric to complement any outdoor patio furniture. The plush fill in this product is entirely made of polyester fiber filling.


The above ten products are the best throw pillows in the market that money can buy. This is because they are comfortable, safe and can serve all the needs of the consumers. Take your time to analyze the ideal throw pillow that will fit your budget range from any of the 10 outlined here. They are all available on Amazon.com.

List – Best Throw Pillows in 2020:

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