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Best Power Strips in 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

How many times have your expensive electronic gadgets suffered from dangerous power strikes? Then, you should try out a power strip. It is a portion of several power outlets that allows power to flow into the ports. They specifically sacrifice its parts by throwing itself in the line of power to protect your expensive gadgets from damage.

This means that you can safely plug in numerous electrical devices without any worries. However, these essential equipment are not made the same way. This results in difficulties to choose the most appropriate one for your needs. For that matter, our reviews on the best power strips worth your budget comes in handy. Read to the further end to discover our detailed buying guide to help you make better buying decisions.

Best Power Strips Reviews:

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ANKO 3000W Power Strip Tower

ANKO 3000W Power Strip Tower

First, on our list, ANKO Power Strip Tower has a vertical flow guard power strip. It comes with ports and outlets disseminated vertically in the entire sides of this power strip. This gives sufficient spacing between the outlets to save on space while eliminating the risk of electric shock.

Its material construction consists of premium ABS and PVC materials that are flame resistant, reliable, and durable. If you are looking for a power strip with a humanized design, ANKO Power Strip Tower will be your best pick. It is certified for safe use, and its outlet ports and USB ports are compatible with most appliances and gadgets.

Special Features:

  • 10 outlets and 4 USB ports provide adequate space for a vast number of electric appliances
  • Vertical outlet tower design saves on space and cleans cords in your working space
  • It has a durable handle at the top for easy and convenient carrying
  • Each layer has a switch that provides an effortless control to the surge protector tower
  • Automatic power cutting feature helps to protect the connected gadgets when voltage surge is detected
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Cable Matters Surge Protector Power Strip

Cable Matters Surge Protector Power Strip

The Cable Matters power strip features a six-outlet surge protector with an extra-long cable. This allows you to convert the current electrical outlet to a small charging station for your dorm, kitchen room, and office. It has a double USB charging port with a shared 2.1Amps for charging two smartphones conveniently.

With an efficient power on and off switch, a speedy power cut out or a circuit rearrange feature allows for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. You can mount it to any surface with screw holes on the underneath the power strip. The Cable Matters power strip protects your valuable gadgets from power spikes.

Special Features:

  • Six outlet power strip gives a central and dual USB charging ports to protect several gadgets
  • Converts a typical AC outlet to a multiple plugin outlet for cost efficiency
  • Dual USB 2.1Amp charging ports found towards the extreme end of a power strip gives accessibility
  • Eight-feet long cable is easy to fold for convenient carrying and storing
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KMC Surge Protector Power Strip

KMC Surge Protector Power Strip

The KMC Power Strip is a professional surge protector manufactured by a reputable company with eighteen years of manufacturing experience. This guarantees you the maximum protection of your mobile device. It is equipped with a smart electric circuit with a built-in power sensor that discovers and eliminates any chances for power strikes.

Adding that, it is made of high-quality ABS flame resistance material that can withstand high temperatures. On top of that, the integral molding of a high quality copper sheet with strong elasticity and extended lifespan. The KMC Surge Protector Power Strip comes as a dual package hence very cost-effective. Interestingly, it is backed up by a two-year warranty against any product defects.

Special Features:

  • 900joule energy rating ensures optimum protection for all your electronic gadgets
  • Dual pack with 6 AC outlets and surge protector strips have four-foot durable cable for efficiency
  • The lighted power switch has a 15Amp circuit breaker to prevent power surge and overheating
  • High-quality ABS flame-resistant materials for durability
  • Easy to install on any surface with the mounting holes at the back
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JACKYLED Strip Tower Surge Protector

JACKYLED Strip Tower Surge Protector

JACKYLED Strip Tower comes next in our reviews as a handy product with multiple socket surge and overload protector. It has a lightning-resistant function to guarantee maximum safety for your electronic appliances and the user’s security while using it. Better still, it is certified by ROHS, CE, and FCC, making it genuinely reliable.

With high-quality ABS plus PC fireproof material construction, this power strip is resistant to heat and lasts longer. It provides a quicker charge with 2.1Amp USB ports that supports different devices. JACKYLED Strip Tower has a unique design that encompasses a bright light LED indicator for easy use.

Special Features:

  • Sturdy carrying handle for convenient portability and eliminates the possibility of electric shock
  • Space-saving with 10 outlets and f4 USB ports provides excellent power for charging different electric appliances
  • Independent switch helps to save on power consumption
  • Safe and reliable with certification for safe use as well as safety features
  • The 6.5-foot retractable cord is durable, convenient, and foldable for easy carrying
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Tripp Lite Surge Protector Power Strip

Tripp Lite Surge Protector Power Strip

Let your endless search for a reliable and energy-saving power strip end with Tripp Lite 7 Outlet Surge Protector. It features an intelligent Green surge technology that helps in protecting your electronic appliances and the environment from power strikes. With an energy-saving outlet configuration, energy wastage is reduced; hence, it’s cost-effective.

Convenient and Individual outlet switches are provided to enable users to customize effectively on what device to turn on or off. Tripp Lite 7 Outlet power strip has seven outlets, six-foot cable, and LED indicators that warn in case of wiring problems, or damage of the surge suppressor.

Special Features:

  • High levels of protection thanks to the 1080 joule surge protection rating
  • Certified to meet strict UL standards for top-notch safety use and low noise
  • Energy-saving design helps to lower your electric bills
  • High quality and durable, long AC input cord for reaching outlets at a distance
  • Easy to mount on any surface with the mounting slots
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AmazonBasics Power Strip Surge Protector

AmazonBasics Power Strip Surge Protector

AmazonBasics Surge Protector provides all the safety you desire when plugging in several devices. It is a heavy-duty power strip that provides adequate space for up to eight different plug-ins by your home electric appliances. Therefore, it is the best fit for homes and offices with highly sensitive electric equipment.

You will find it super easy to install on a wall or any surface thanks to the added keyholes behind the power strip. The AmazonBasics Surge Protector comes with LED indicators to show surge safeguard as well as stranded wiring. Its general design is enhanced for utmost safety.

Special Features:

  • 4500 joules highest energy rating for ultimate safety for highly sensitive electric appliances
  • Designed with fireproof MOV gives extra safety warnings from spikes and surges
  • The control for on or off switch saves energy use
  • 12-feet heavy-duty power cable provides a convenient power station
  • Well-spaced outlets with sliding covers enhance safety use and easily mounts on a wall
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Bototek Surge protector

Bototek Surge protector

Are you looking for the fastest and safest way of charging your electric appliances? If so, a Bototek Surge protector would be a suitable choice for you. It comes with 10 outlets power strip and four USB charging ports with a smart charging style to optimize the charging speed. In addition, it is extensively compatible and boasts of space saving design thanks to the ultra-compact construction.

Bototek Surge protector features an advanced surge protection technology that gives the strip and all the connected electronics from unforeseen voltage increase. Its heavy-duty copper wires have great conductivity and provide efficient power output. Besides, the fire-resistant PC shell offers durability.

Special Features:

  • Overload surge protector plus the intelligent circuitry with inbuilt voltage sensor prevents power strikes and fluctuations
  • Ultra-long heavy duty cable is made of fire-resistant PC shell for both safety use and durability
  • Multiple outlets and USB charging ports offer a safer and fast charging option
  • The FCC and UL corporations certify it for safety and quality satisfaction and include 2-years warranty
  • Keyhole mounting options make it faster to install in place firmly
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Belkin Pivot Plug Power Strip

Belkin Pivot Plug Power Strip

The Belkin Power Strip stands out as the best fit for your home appliances and office equipment. With the twelve surge-protected outlets, powerful protection for your electronic devices is assured. On top of that, it has the highest joule energy rating of 4320 joules meaning that the level of protection is at its maximum point.

It comes with a twelve-outlet surge protector strip and a 2.4-meter cord; you will easily create a charging station for a wide range of home appliances. Belkin Pivot Plug Power Strip also features a cable managing structure that helps keep the cords well-structured in position, eliminating any chances of power strikes.

Special Features:

  • It has a lengthy and reliable cord for convenient use
  • The eight rotating outlets and four stationary outlets save on space
  • It has a higher joule energy rating hence offers the best protection for home appliances from damage by power surges
  • A limited lifetime warranty and up to $300,000 insurance for any damage to connected devices
  • A user guide is provided for safe mounting and usage
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Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

Belkin Surge Protector is yet another great piece for protecting your electric appliances from power surges. This 8-feet power strip features six regular outlets to suit great power adapters without hindering other outlets’ performance. Ultimate safety is ensured thanks to its certified materials.

The smart circuit make-up of this power strip helps to detect and eliminate any chances of power strikes. Most importantly, it meets the power requirements for your electronic devices. The Belkin Power Strip features a perpendicular plugin that has a low-profile design to perfectly mount any surface.

Special Features:

  • It’s a multi-surge protector with a two-meter cable plus a right-angle AC plug
  • 3940-joule energy rating and a maximum spike voltage of 6000volts offers optimum protection
  • The safety use information is provided to ensure correct functioning as well as safety
  • The heavy-duty design resists damage and enhances optimum performance
  • Easy to use with a LED indicator for effortless and instant warning in case of any issue
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AmazonBasics Surge Protector Power Strip

AmazonBasics Surge Protector Power Strip

Taking the top spot in our best power strip is AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector. It is designed to offer crucial protection to electric devices connected against power spikes in the supply ports as well as voltage fluctuations. It operates maximally and distributes power to your gadgets at the same time, keeping them safe.

This unit is best designed for heavy-duty equipment; thus, no additional strip that accommodates huge gadgets is required. With a 790-surge protection joule rating and a 14-capacity system, AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector stands as a weatherproof power strip. This assures maximum protection of your appliances even on a stormy day.

Special Features:

  • Multiple surge protector with six outlets offer varied charging options
  • Handy inbuilt power switch allows for easy switching from on to off to help save energy
  • LED indicator illuminates surge protector and helps to protect the plugged-in device
  • 6foot long with 14 gauge system power cable ensures the safety and accessible use
  • 790 joules three-line surge protection rating ensures optimum protection of home appliances

How To Choosing The Best Power strip:

Power strips are one of the handiest additions for any home or workstation. They offer you multiple free power outlets and safeguard the well-being of your valuable electric gadgets. Currently, there has been an outbreak of many brands of power strips, making it difficult for most people to find their best products. In this buying guide, we have noted the most important considerations you need to make when selecting such products.

Ampere rating

A high ampere rating implies a high electrical current that can be safely drawn via your power strip. It determines how many electric appliances can be plugged in and used securely. In most cases, power strip models have an ampere rating of about 15A; therefore, you can connect as many devices as possible.

Surge protection

Power strips come as a typical measure unit of energy known as joules. This is what you should look out when selecting your excellent product. It determines how much a surge protector offers your electric gadgets. A power strip with the highest joule energy rating tends to offer maximum surge protection. It is imperative to consider the one with the greatest joule energy rating.

Number of outlets

Power strips are a great option for keeping your workspace, home, or office well organized as it offers various outlets for plugging your gadgets. In most cases, power outlets range from 3 to 12, depending on the design of a power strip. Using an additional strip is dangerous, as it can be a fire hazard. Therefore, consider choosing the one with a convenient number of outlets to suit all your gadgets.

Length of the power cord

This will depend on how far your socket is from the point needed. If you have plugs that reach some feet further from your wall outlet, you will have to consider a power strip with a lengthy cord. They come with different lengths to suit different user desires.


This is the most important feature in any power strip. Most of them have built surge protection units backed by a limited lifetime warranty plus device insurance protection that is worth hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, some companies tend to fail this requirement. Therefore, consider a more reputable and trustworthy brand for reliability.

Now that we have deeply reviewed the top ten power strips in the market today plus the detailed buying guide, it is our sincere hope that you have gained the best knowledge and know-how required when shopping for these handy products. They are based on ultimate safety, protection, as well as excellent performance. Most importantly, they are budget-friendly. Pick one from the above brands and enjoy a safe and stress-free use at home or office places.

List of The Best Power Strips in 2020:

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