The Best Tempered Glass PC Case

The popularity of tempered glass PC cases tends to increase daily. It comes as a sleekly chassis designed to show off your PC parts in all their glory. With plenty of unusual properties, these cases fully transform your PC into an excellent world of fashion and style. If you have a studio or gaming hub, they give you a convenient way of luring your customers.

Hardware specialists innovatively create new types and styles of cases around the world. Some turn out to have excellent quality, while others are just there to bring you tons of dissatisfaction. Luckily, we have identified the following list for our 10 best tempered glass PC cases with sleek aesthetics in 2020 you can have. In addition, the buying guide towards the end will help you pick the right case without a fuss.

The Best Tempered Glass PC Cases Reviews:

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Segotep Phoenix ATX PC Gaming Computer Case

Segotep Phoenix ATX PC Gaming Computer Case

The Segotep Phoenix Mid Tower ATX computer case has a sparkling RGB LED strip at the front panel to give a vivid lighting effect. The 5V 3pin RGB header on the motherboard helps to control the light patterns and styles easily. It has the Graphics Card Vertical Mounting option so users can securely install their graphics card.

It features a sleek and robust tempered glass panel placed on the interior sides of the case to show the PC’s hardware and internal components. The Segotep Phoenix PC case is expertly designed with powerful airflow and cooling systems to enhance the best interior cooling performance.

Special Features:

  • Roomy internal space and excellent cable management ensures a simple installation
  • Solid construction 0.8mm painted steel plate offers massive protection and durability
  • Removable design allows for easy installation and servicing
  • Top-mounted I/O ports, audio in and mic out jacks for easy accessibility and
  • Offers room for front and rear radiators, CPU coolers, and long graphic card installation
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In Win 101C RGB LED Mid Tower Gaming PC Case

In Win 101C RGB LED Mid Tower Gaming PC Case
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The 101C Mid Tower PC gaming case brings the newest cutting-edge technology to accommodate motherboards with 3.1 USB ports and the Gen 2 Type C ports. This allows users to enjoy the highest speed of transferring data from their computer systems. Its LED Bezel has a hidden power button on the front panel that renders a clean and straightforward appearance to this model.

If you need the best PC case that will let you personalize your colorful rig, the In Win 101C PC Case will be the best pick. Besides, its RGB LED presentation provides users with an incredible visual experience. It gives ample space for supporting up to 6 fans simultaneously to enhance an excellent cooling performance while creating a stunning gaming rig.

Special Features:

  • It features a specialized GPU holder to offer additional support to the graphic card
  • Dual 2.5-inch SSD mounts intelligently on the rear motherboard tray
  • Sturdy construction of SECC, ABS, PC, and Tempered glass offer long-term performance
  • It has a rear, side, and bottom radiator fans options for thermal solution compatibility
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Phanteks Eclipse P350X Tempered PC Case

Phanteks Eclipse P350X Tempered PC Case

Are you looking for a compact case designed for top-notch performance? Well, the Phanteks Eclipse P350X Tampered PC Case is here for you! It comes with a maximized airflow design to cool your interior PC components and ensure a secure performance. Remarkably, its integrated Digital RGB lighting system provides a unique exterior yet attractive design.

The ultimate safety and durability of your PC’s internal components are guaranteed to be fully armed with magnetic dust filters. With the E-ATX motherboard clearance platform, liquid cooling support, the Phanteks Eclipse P350X is ready to handle all the high-end configurations. Interestingly, it comes with plenty of features at an affordable price.

Special Features:

  • Spacious enough to offer convenient installation of full-length PSU, GPU, and cable management
  • Phanteks fans provide stuffiest airflow capability for excellent cooling performance
  • Programmed with the best color modes and patterns to eliminate the need for installing cards
  • Digital RGB software control and D-RGB adaptor allows you to customize illumination modes
  • Dual front-loaded 3.5-inch HDD supports front radiators of up to 240/280mm
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Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass PC Gaming Case

Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass PC Gaming Case

The Thermaltake Core P3 ATX sets a new benchmark in groundbreaking open frame chassis style. It is equipped with a 5mm thick tempered glass front panel, which not only offers a clear glimpse of the internal PC components but also renders them a long-lasting performance. It supports the newest AIO, PC hardware, as well as DIY liquid cooling solutions.

When it comes to creating the highly advanced PCs, the Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass makes it real. It has a variety of mounting options like the dual GPU and PSU layout options plus others to provide users with endless flexibility. If you are looking for a beautiful chassis to work with, be sure to grab this option.

Special Features:

  • The panoramic open-frame design provides an extensive range of view
  • Three different placement layouts allow offering alternative desktop locations
  • The tempered 5mm thick glass window safeguards and lowers noise emission for comfort
  • It provides easy access thanks to the dual USB 3.0 ports and HD audio ports
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Thermaltake View RGB Dual Tempered Glass PC Case

Thermaltake View RGB Dual Tempered Glass PC Case

With up to 256 color options offered by the triple rig, 140mm RGB LED fans to choose from, the Thermaltake Tempered glass frame gives you everything you need to make your PC look awesome. The dual-layer of robust 4mm thick tempered glass window offers maximum safety and durability of internal components.

If you have the latest PC hardware, you should be lucky to have this fantastic tempered glass case. The Thermaltake Tempered glass case is well spaced to accommodate most high-end GPU solutions thanks to the supreme expansion capability to suit high-end structures plus the liquid coolers. On top of that, this enables users to meet their long desire for a sophisticated PC frame that has radical properties and appealing structure.

Special Features:

  • Supports a wide range of motherboards for efficiency and adaptability
  • Dual-layered 4mm thick tempered glass panel enhances safety and durability
  • Multiple ports give an effortless and quick accessibility
  • Triple ring 140mm RGB LED fans with detachable fans provides the highest number of color choices
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DarkFlash DLM21 MESH Computer Case

DarkFlash DLM21 MESH Computer Case

Are you tired of tempered glass PC cases that give you rough time to disassemble when doing maintenance? If the answer is yes, then the DarkFlash DLM21 MESH Computer Case is all that you need. Well, say goodbye to such models because the former brilliantly comes with a door opening side panel with magnetic design. This allows for easy disassembly without any tools, thus saving your time.

With the front mesh panel, optimum air intake levels are guaranteed. This helps to provide a continuous cooling performance of your PC’s CPU. What is more is that the darkFlash DLM21 MESH Computer Case comes with a black side glass to display the light effect in a low-profile manner as the entire tempered glass design creates a classic inner view of the chassis board without any struggle.

Special Features:

  • Excellent quality construction with 0.6mm SPCC coating forming an impressive looking case
  • Ample space for installing 240mm compatible water and air cooler for versatility use
  • Low-poly panel design offers fun by viewing the crisp vision
  • Door opening side with magnetic design allows for an easy and tool-free disassembly
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Corsair iCUE Tempered Glass Case

Corsair iCUE Tempered Glass Case

The Corsair iCUE 220T Glass Case comes as a Mid Tower ATX clever case. It encompasses a powerful airflow structure that helps to improve your PC’s cooling system for optimal performance. The three included SP120 RGB fans are lined elegantly with eight individually addressable LEDs surrounding the hub. This enhances spectacular RGB lighting controlled via the CORSAIR iCUE software.

It has a smart case with up to six plugs in RGB fans on the included iCUE lighting node to control your RGB lighting effortlessly. Keep your PC build clean with the full-length PSU cover along with flexible storage options while lifting to four hard disc drives. With the durable solid construction, expect a maximum safety and durability of your PC.

Special Features:

  • High airflow layout combines with the steel grill front panel to offers an optimum cooling effect
  • Three corsair SP120 RGB Pro Fans lined with eight LEDs provide an excellent lighting system
  • Node core included helps to control your RGB lighting for brilliant lighting effects
  • Solid steel construction with front plate guarantees sturdiness and resilient durability
  • It’s an edge-to-edge tempered glass window case showcases your PC’s components and RGB lighting
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Lian Li PC-O11DW Dynamic Tempered Glass Case

Lian Li PC-O11DW Dynamic Tempered Glass Case

The Lian Dynamic Tempered Glass is an excellent ATX Mid Tower case designed for gaming computers. It is intended to show off your PC builder’s masterpiece brilliantly. It is a quality chassis with superior engineering on the exterior for elegance. Providing ample space for cable storage, your cable management skills and techniques will need to be on point.

With up to eight cooling slots, more excellent airflow for cooling your PC’s system is assured. The Lian Dynamic Tempered Glass boasts a solid aluminum construction with 0.8 mm SECC thickness gives maximum protection to your transformed computer. For easy accessibility, this model has a vast range of ports.

Special Features:

  • Solid aluminium construction and 0.8mm thick for strength and resilience
  • Multiple airflow cooling systems for optimum cooling effect
  • Plenty connecting ports for easy accessibility
  • Excellent space for comfortably keeping the essential PC components
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Cooler Master Tempered Glass Side Panel

Cooler Master Tempered Glass Side Panel

If you are looking for an amazing PC glass case that allows for a flexible mounting option, look no further. The Master Pro 5 Case is designed with extension support to let you mount and rearrange the space for convenient storage. The backside of the dark mirror front panel has 120mm RGB fans that help in cooling your system.

The Master Pro 5 Case boasts a unique outlook to courageously show off your PC’s in-built components. The best thing is that its interior part provides a convenient space for installation. It can also support large, high-end pieces, several fans, and DIY liquid cooling. Looking forward to keeping your system looking neat and impressive, the Master Pro 5 Case comes with plenty of routing holes as well as a cover for your PSU.

Special Features:

  • Pre-installed triple RGB fans located behind the front board gives a superb lighting result
  • The included bracket comfortably supports a variety of fans for liquid looking
  • 4mm thick tempered glass panel showcases your PC’s components with style
  • Offers a flexible SSD mounting plus neat cabling
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CORSAIR Crystal 570X Tempered Glass Case

CORSAIR Crystal 570X Tempered Glass Case

Are you looking for a high-class tempered glass case for your PC building? Give the CORSAIR Crystal 570X series a try. This glass case has outstanding features that make it the mostly bought glass on the market. It will transform your build look like a paradise. It is designed to enclose the entire chassis while displaying all the components expertly and elegantly.

You will never have to worry about running out of space trying to install your PC’s components, because of the removable fan trays of 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm. They are found at the front and top of the chassis and offer some extra space. With the included brilliant LED effects and LED controller, the parts will keep on running excellently.

Special Features:

  • four tempered glass panels on all sides provide a perfect visual for all your computer parts
  • there SP120 RGB LED fans are integrated with an RGB controller for reliable lights customization
  • excellently spaced providing room for up to six case fans
  • cable routing channels have Velcro cable straps for easy management of each cable
  • multiple cooling options offered by several radiators ensure an excellent cooling effect

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best tempered glass PC case:

PC cases that come with glass panels on their sides tend to be unique in many ways. They can genuinely make your PC unique, giving an excellent vision and décor to your workplace, gaming theaters, or home. For you to get these compelling benefits, you require to make a better selection – no guesswork! It is never easy to do so; that is why this buying guide is brought to you.

Size of the motherboard

The motherboard defines the size of your PC case. Tempered glass panels come in nearly all sizes. Nevertheless, you will need to select only the one that is large enough to accommodate the motherboard plus other hardware. The Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX are the main motherboard sizes.

Front panel Connectivity

A large number of PC cases have a standard front panel connection, such as several USB ports, a headphone jack, and a microphone jack. These features come as a bonus. To make them operate, they need to be attached to the motherboard using pin connectors. The latest addition that most PC cases currently come with is the USB Type-C ports. Consider a panel case with a variety of front panel connectors if you want full accessibility.

The Window

It is also the main feature any tempered glass PC case must-have. Depending on the thickness, quality, and visual graphics, it should promote the ultimate vision. This will allow you to see all the components of your PC with ease.


Selecting a tempered glass PC case with plenty of cooling systems is paramount as you will have the freedom to customize the cooling effect. You will not desire for the one that will compromise your computer’s performance—the size and quality of the air cooler for your CPU matter most. Consider the best case with an appropriate cooler for better performance.


When shopping for the glass PC cases, you will always tend to concentrate on the lighting patterns and styles in it. The best case should not only avail a variety of LED lighting systems already built within it but also allow you to install other options like the LED strips. This will give your PC an aesthetic value and catch everyone’s attention.

Wrapping Up!
The current market is flooded by plenty of modified tempered glass PC cases with different rates of performance. Being the most fabulous way of building a sleek and beautiful PC, you will need to pay keen attention to essential factors like the size, lighting, coolers, most importantly, your budget and personal desires. The above list of the finest ten tempered glass PC cases offers you the best quality performance. Go ahead now and get an option that perfectly suits your needs. Good luck!

List of the 10 Best Tempered Glass PC Cases in 2020:

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