Are you a sports enthusiast? If yes, investing in the best sports watch brand can be a big deal for you. It will not only show you the time of the day it is but also help monitor and track all your outdoor sporting activities. The best thing with this device is that it precisely records and monitors your health status.

With more advancements being made on these essential sports equipment, its popularity and demand have increased significantly. This has resulted in the sportswear industry being flooded by all sorts of sports watches, making it hard for users to choose the best item. To help you with that, we have identified the following list of the ten of the best sports watch brands that will suit your desires. If that sounds good, then keep reading this article to the end!

The Best Sports Watch Brands Reviews:

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BingoFit Fitness Tracker Sport Smart Watch

BingoFit Fitness Tracker Sport Smart Watch

The BingoFit Smart Watch jumpstarts our reviews as one of the best sports watch brands that brings all the versatility and functionality to you. You can call, set the alarm, or send text messages to your loved ones with ease. Its diverse dial theme interfaces allow you to select and customize the best interface you desire comfortably.

Its design functionality is based on keeping track of mainly the heart rate and blood pressure levels daily. On top of that, it shows the amounts of calories burnt during exercises both indoors and outdoors. The BingoFit Smart Watch features a waterproof and dust-free design to keep it clean and long lasting.

Special Features:

  • Multifunctional as keeps a record of a varied range of data regarding personal health
  • Monitors and records automatically the heartbeat rate and sleep in real-time to up to 24hrs
  • Waterproof and dust-free design for durability
  • Ideal for women as it keeps a record and monitors the female physiological cycle
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices of specific versions for a convenient operation
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Armitron Sports Watch

Armitron Sports Watch

If you are looking for budget-friendly sportswear yet with excellent performance, the Armitron Sports Watch should be the best choice. This slim watch is beautifully oval-shaped with an easy-to-read digital display screen showing the day, date, time, and chronograph. The backlight allows for easy reading even when the dark falls out.

Armitron Sports Watch has a 25-millimeter black resin case with an acrylic dial window for a wrist’s comfortable grip. This watch is the best choice for swimming and snorkeling as it has a water-resistant body. It has a lightweight of 2.65-ounces, making it easier for you to perform other activities flexibly.

Special Features:

  • 25-millimeter resin case features an acrylic dial window for perfect wrist fit
  • Single zone LCD screen shows a variety of information about time, date, alarm, plus others
  • The digital display utilizes quartz movement to function
  • Water-resistant design hence suitable for swimming and snorkeling
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Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch

Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch

The Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch comes with an intuitive design that makes it super easy to use by athletes on the run. This piece is crafted with a sturdy resin case, a still black resin bezel, and a black resin band with an adaptable fastening clasp. As a result, you are assured of a comfortable fit on any hand wrist.

It encompasses a light, mode, and adjust buttons that gives you the ability to customize your watch display to fit your workout fully. With the durable mineral window safeguarding the square digital gray dial face, this watch will, for sure, last for a significant period. Its screen has a digital time display showing the day, date, and month.

Special Features:

  • Long-lasting operation thanks to the 10-year lifespan batteries
  • It has a 100meter water resistance ability hence ideal for swimming and snorkeling
  • The LED backlight screen allows you to read or use in low light room conditions
  • Dual time with world time indicating 31 different time zones
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PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch

PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch

A fashionable digital watch with a sporty dial design and military out looking style, the PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch is what you require for those outdoor runs. Reading units on the digital LCD is easy as the big numbers display with backlight, and the large dial indicates the time even when it is dark.

This multifunctional Men’s Digital Sports watch is an excellent choice for most indoor and outdoor sporting activities. With this fantastic watch, you will not have worries about it, touching the water as it features a waterproof construction. Most importantly, it is a high-quality watch designed with a senior rubber band to make it super comfortable.

Special Features:

  • It has an auto calendar, alarm, shock resistant, and dual time formats
  • Waterproof case and display screen enhances durability
  • The ABS plastic engineering case offers a lasting performance
  • stainless steel clasp ensures a comfortable grip
  • Its LED-backlit allows easy use in the dark
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Timex Ironman Classic Watch

Timex Ironman Classic Watch

Regarding quality performance, the Timex Ironman Classic Watch stands undisputed among many brands on the market. Most users like its stylish round and iconic five-button design as it conveniently brings you all the control on its functionality. This means that you can access all timers, alarms, clock systems, and much more.

The adjustable black resin strap allows comfortable fitting on hand wrists with diameters of up to 8-inches. As a result, a wide range of users can be fully accommodated. What is more is Reading and operating the Ironman Classic Watch is easy thanks to the large-displayed numbers combined with the Indigo night-light.

Special Features:

  • gray and black 38mm resin case features the acrylic lens, gray digital dis[lay, and Indigo night-light for perfect reading
  • water-resistant design hence ideal for swimming and snorkeling
  • it comes with customizable alarms, three-time zones, day, 24hr military time, month
  • it’s designed to last longer
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CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch

CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch

This sports watch brand gives you more than just a watch! Its exclusively fashionable regards to the sporty dial design and a stylish military look, making it extremely appealing. The large dial and numbers plus backlight display time even while in a dark room. It is entirely easy to operate and customize according to your desires.

Featuring a shock-resistant construction, the CakCity Men’s Digital Sports Watch is the best choice for indoor and outdoor sports. You will find it displaying a wide range of data, including time, date, alarms, and other settings. Its waterproof case and display screen ensure lasting performance.

Special Features:

  • beautiful large numbers displayed on a well-lit LCD digital screen
  • multifunctional design enables you to use for both indoor and outdoor sports easily
  • its shock-resistant hence safe to use
  • waterproof body case makes it durable and ideal for swimming
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Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smart-watch

Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smart-watch

Monitor all your daily activities and general health with this fascinating digital sportswear. It’s highly versatile, meaning that it can monitor all your sporting activities and keep records of daily activities. This hybrid smart-watch has rechargeable batteries with a lifespan of 25-days providing a holistic view of your heart with ease.

Withings Steel Sport Hybrid Smart-watch is a top-class device taking a high position on the market. It is equipped with a GPS to help map your sports session with distance, elevation, and pace with ease. If you are looking for the best unit that can give you great functionality, this would probably be the best choice.

Special Features:

  • inbuilt sensors help to keep track of your heart rate for convenient and maximum workouts
  • GPS enabled mode helps to map your sessions with distance, elevation as well as the pace
  • Perfectly accesses cardiovascular capacity when running
  • Incredibly durable thanks to the water-resistant, battery life of 25 days and sturdy stainless steel case
  • Smart notifications such as call, text, and app notifications downloaded on a mobile device
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Apple Watch Series 3 Sports Watch

Apple Watch Series 3 Sports Watch

If you have an iPhone and looking for an ultimate smart-watch with GPS, the Apple Watch Series 3 would be the best to consider. It gives you the simplest way of monitoring your heart rates by sending notifications conveniently. The automatic workout detection and advanced features make it a fantastic device for performing yoga and hiking workouts.

Get personalized coaching from your physical therapist as you can easily share your recorded activities. Its classy LCD screen with a beautiful lighting system allows for easy reading and use in low light conditions. Listen to Apple Music and podcasts whenever you like with the Apple Watch Series 3.

Special Features:

  • It uses optical heart sensor to monitor heartbeat rates
  • GPS enabled to keep track and map your outdoor workouts
  • Apple Music, podcasts, and audiobooks make it a perfect accompaniment
  • Aluminium case construction and energetic band allows for durability
  • Handy features for top-notch performance
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Garmin Forerunner 35 Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 35 Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner Watch enables you to go for runs with walking breaks much smoothly courtesy of its run or walk modes. It intuitively lets you know when to slow down or speed up, making it a perfect gift watch to any athlete and commuter. Most importantly, it offers the best workouts and training options to find your best.

It has an in-built GPS to help track your outdoor activities with ease. If you need a smart-watch that monitors your heart rates 24/7, the Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch should be your priority. Pair this fantastic watch with a compatible smartphone to get smart notifications and the records uploaded automatically to Garmin Connect cloud-based service.

Special Features:

  • In-built GPS tracks all your activities and distances efficiently
  • Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology estimates pulse rate at the wrist
  • Connectible to a smartphone for smart notifications and automatic uploads of data
  • Multifunctional as allows you to make calls, texts, and monitor all your daily activities
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LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

This exclusive sports watch brings all the functionality and versatility no other ordinary smart-watch can give. Its perfect design blends effortlessly with your style and cloth wear. With plentiful features, the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch is no brainer the best-selling sports watch brand on any market this century.

From automatic heart rate monitoring, sleep, and fitness tracking to smart connectivity, LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch gives you complete peace of mind. You will have no trouble operating it thanks to the excellent interface and the high definition LCD screen. It has a waterproof case and sturdy bands to ensure durable performance. Interestingly, it boasts excellent quality with incredibly reasonable pricing.

Special Features:

  • Designed to track 14-exercises thanks to its ability to connect to your phone’s GPS
  • Incredibly multifunctional encompassing the smart connectivity with a compatible smartphone
  • Up to seven days of battery life ensures a continuous and reliable performance
  • Monitors heart rate and give smart notifications whenever something goes astray

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best sports watch brands:

Having a sport watch can significantly contribute to your time management and workouts efficiency. The best smart-watch allows you to get the best performance out of it, whether performing indoor or outdoor sporting activities. However, finding the best brand is never easy as there are plenty of models on the market with different designs and styles. This buying guide will help you have an easy time finding your matching sports watch.


They vary significantly depending on material, design, and style. Most often, you will find the leather and metal bands when making selections, and it’s essential first to understand which fits your style and desires for a particular event or place. The size of the hand wrist determines the size or circumference of a watch band. Choose one that will fit on your hand perfectly with adjustable length.

Case thickness

Watch brands come with different case sizes and thicknesses. It determines how the case will be seated on your hand wrist, thereby contributing to your wear style and outlook. Whether thin or thicker cases, you should select the best watch brand that will neither be too big nor too small on your wrist.


To determine how quality and durable the smart-watch, you are choosing solely depends on the materials used to make it. While different manufacturers use different materials, the quality and durability of sports watches vary significantly. Materials like stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic, leather, and PU fabrics are commonly used. Always consider brands with water-resistant and corrosion-free materials for increased lifespan.


The best sports watch is as good as the functionality it offers. Moreover, this relies heavily on the number of additional features the brand comes with. Features such as smart connectivity, GPS, health monitors, and many others make the watch all-in-one piece of equipment. If you want to enjoy the convenience of a watch to the fullest, choose one that can play as many roles as possible.


Budget is yet another essential consideration to make when shopping for these great products. We all have our budget limits, and that is what mostly influences our buying behavior. Sports watches are priced differently depending on the number of features included, as well as the manufacturer’s desires. Therefore, go for brands that suit your budget demands, but without compromising quality and performance.

Wrapping Up!
When buying a sports watch brand for your sporting activities, you need to make sure they fit your hand wrist perfectly. The watch has to be flexible enough to provide multiple functionalities with ease. From our list of the ten best sport watch brands above, we have no doubt that you can find one that will give you just that. On top of that, any of these options will ensure that you make good use of your time, whether engaging in indoor or outdoor sports activities. Hurry up now while the stock lasts and grab the option that nicely meets your needs.

List of the 10 Best Sports Watch Brands in 2020:

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