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So, you admit that when you are out for night party, popcorns could be the best to keep your jaws twitching, right? That goes without a say that without a fresh batch of popcorns, movie nights too are never complete. Pull up at any grocery store and you will be sure to find numerous flavors. But, what dangers come along with these? Most of these local grocery stores use microwavable machines to process their popcorns, and these carry with them a long list of hazardous ingredients.

Additionally, the jiffy pop, an old skillet pan variety is as well slowly becoming out fashioned. And now you are probably wondering if there is fresh hope! A straight answer to that: yes there is a lot of it. We have conducted a great deal of research to serve you with a plate of top 10 best popcorn makers that enjoy excellent star ratings from customers and professional alike.

Open up to the amazing features that these products have in store for you.

10 Best Popcorn Makers Reviews By Consumer Reports 2020

1. Cuisinart Easy Pop

Why use oil or butter to pop your corns when Cuisinart Easy pop offers you a better option? This machine has a 1,500-watt heating element capable of blasting out a stream of hot air. If you wish to stay fit while indulging in your favorite movie treat then this machine comes second to none.


• Efficient for individual servings
• The components are dishwasher safe


• Sends kernel flying all over

2. Great Nothern Bambino

Easy serving really matters and so does the easy cleaning of any popcorn machine. This top-of-the-line popper is both compact and retro-styled. It has a slide-out tray for easy cleaning and serving. Pouring out the finished corns into a container is made much easier thanks to the machine’s fun handle.


• Cost-effective
• Able to pop very quickly


• A lot of kernels are left uncooked

3. Hamilton Beach Popper

If you only make popcorns occasionally then you need not to worry about the big popcorn machines that will fill you your space for no good reason. Hamilton Beach Party Popper thus offers you the best alternative you ever crave for. It is so compact that it can fit in most cabinets, and bottom and top nests. This saves you some space. Despite its size, it is still capable of popping 24-cup batches. This can feed the whole family.


• Works effectively with coconut oil
• Lid opens for easy access


• Burns kernels if left plugged in

4. Cuisinart

If you ever imagined that all movie-style popcorn machines come with a good serving of noise, you should forgive yourself for judging too early. Cuisinart CPM-250 lets you make these movie-style popcorns with minimal noise you can ever imagine. If you intend to pop enough corns for one or two people, this popper serves you right.


• Has kettle pivots that make cleaning easy
• Directions for use well printed on the door


• The scooper which is included is less useful

5. Paramount Machine and Cart

Paramount Machine and Cart gives you an opportunity to replicate the feeling of being at the cinema by recreating the old-timely experience to a T. Its stirring system is extremely quiet such that the Bacall and the Bogey won’t be drowning out during the classic movie nights.


• Breeze cleaning process
• Helpful LED indicator lights


• Flimsy metal doors

6. Great Northern PopHeaven

There comes a fundraising activity and you wish to whip up lots of popcorns to tap into the opportunity. In this case, Great Northern PopHeaven becomes handy. Plainly put, this wonderful machine helps you feed crowds within a short stint of time. It tends to pop the kernel evenly and rarely will it burn any.


• Has drawers that tend to catch un-popped kernels
• Very portable and can be moved by one person


• Easily dents

7. Waring Pro

This top-notch machine ensures that you get the maximum amounts of popped kernels thanks to its ability to keep the corns moving consistently. The melting station on its side lets you heat up your butter, caramel, or chocolate concurrently with the popcorns.


• Makes kernels which are incredibly fluffy
• The halogen heater is fast acting


• The ceramic surface is non-stick

8. Pangea Death Star

Pangea Brands Death Star is a hot-air popper that emulates the iconic space station. As such, it is practically the perfect choice for a sci-fi night. It is still usable by those who love watching Star Trek.


• The top is usable as a serving bowl
• Easy to assemble and disassemble
• Adds a fantastic look to your counter


• No cons

9. Wabash Valley Whirley-pop

This is a traditional popper that still finds its way to the list of the best popcorn makers due to its outstanding features. It is capable of making up to 6 quarts of popcorn in approximately 3 minutes. It also features a serving of theatre-style popcorn.


• Durable metal gears
• Great for cooking kettle corns


• No cons

10. Great Northern Roosevelt Popper

Once you buy a Great Northern Roosevelt Popper, you will definitely feel the need to go to movies once again. It is the best option for families and those who tend to have a bunch of friends frequently. It is capable of making 3 gallons of popcorns in a single batch.


• Comes with a stirrer
• Suitable for concession stands


• Not suitable for parties with a high number of guests

Buyers Guide

Knowing the top 10 best popcorn makers is not sufficient if you don’t have a grasp of what you need to consider when buying a popcorn machine. For that reason, it would only be fair to take you through some of the factors to consider when choosing a popcorn machine. Here we go.


You really have no reasons to pay hundreds of dollars in order to acquire a commercial popcorn machine when all you need is a small machine that can fit within your kitchen space and serve you plus your family very well. If, however, you tend to have popped in visitors, it would be right for you to purchase a slightly bigger machine that can do larger amounts of popcorns in a single batch.

The Much it can Process

There is a relationship between size and the number of popcorns that can be processed within a given time. The larger the popper, the more batches of popcorns it is going to make. Again, this is dependent on whether you intend to make popcorns for commercial purposes or for in-house consumption.

Ease of Cleaning

Come on. You definitely do not want to settle for a popcorn machine that will take you centuries and a lot of efforts to clean up, right? Some poppers tend to give unpleasant smell over involving cleaning process. A popper with removable trays is highly recommendable as it is generally easy to clean. If possible, go for a dishwasher-safe machine.

Final Thought

Listen up. Your time, guests, family, and health matter to you a lot more than anything else. With a good popcorn popper, you can add smiles to the faces of the people you love while at the same time, taking care of their health too. With our list of top 10 best popcorn makers, you can never go wrong.

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