10 Best Countertop Water Filters

Hello! Does the mention of countertop water filter sound any bell to you? You could be asking what a nice water filter can do to your life. Your concern is registered. Water filters are capable of eliminating contaminants from your drinking water, stimulating your weight loss, and busting your immune system. Additionally, a good countertop water filter can alkalize your drinking water thereby making it completely perfect for your health.

It is evident that these filters can change your life for the better, right? That said, we would love to take you through a refined list of top 10 best countertop water filters. Let’s get started.

10 Best Countertop Water Filters Reviews By Consumer Reports 2020.

1. Travel Berkey Water Filter

This water filter comes equipped with arsenic and fluoride filters that help in the absorption of heavy metal ions. It has lower and upper stainless chambers, two wingnuts, one priming button, two Arsenic and Fluoride reduction elements, spigot, two Black Berkey Purification Elements, two washers, one priming button, stainless steel with handle, and a rubber gasket that protects the base.


• Easy to set up
• Easy to use
• Durable
• Portable


• Can be overfilled
• No indicator for water level


This water pitcher Ionizer features a multi-stage PH001 and PH002 filter consisting of Zeolite comic ball and stone blend, activated coconut carbon charcoal, ion exchange resin, and micro nets. Collectively, these work to increase the water’s PH levels as well as raising drinking water’s ORP. Additionally, the filter adds healthy minerals like calcium and selenium to water.


• Wonderful water taste
• Long shelf life of the filter
• Very affordable


• The filter capacity is small

3. CleanWater4Less Countertop System

This popular countertop faucet filter is not only efficient but also comes at a great price. It has a filtering capacity of 10,000 gallons. Practically, it is the most cost-effective water filter on the market considering its capacity and effectiveness. It is known for filtering chlorine but not fluoride.


• Cost-effective
• Very efficient
• Large filtering capacity
• Simple instructions


• No indicator for filter change

4. Clearly Filtered r Pitcher

if you are craving for a higher rate of purity and quality water but in small volumes, Clearly Filtered Water Filter could be the best filter for you. It is capable of removing well over 230 chemicals, contaminants, and toxins from water which may not be with the case of other filters. It keeps your water both healthy and full of beneficial minerals. It is indeed wonderful as the materials used in it are not only FDA-approved but also recyclable.


• Materials are 100% recyclable
• Sturdy and durable
• Lifetime warranty


• Smaller in size

5. Brita Filtered Water Dispenser

The water filter covers the taste and cleanliness of the water in a great balance. It generally takes good care of mercury, cadmium, and copper impurities while at the same time lowering chlorine taste and odor. It can easily take up approximately 300 standard 16.9-ounce water bottles. You only need to change the filters once every two months.


• Very efficient
• High quality
• Gives the water a better taste


• Smaller filter capacity

6. Ecosoft Water Filter System

if you are working on a tight budget yet you still wish to enjoy the benefits that come with filtered and purified water, Ecosoft Countertop Drinking Water Filter System is a great product for you. The filter eliminates most of the contaminants that could be present in your drinking water such as sediment particles, chlorine and heavy metals, and bad taste and odor.


• Pocket-friendly
• Very efficient
• Easy installation


• Leaking reported by some users

7. Home Master Filtration System

Buy a Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Water filtration system and be sure to eliminate most of the contaminants present in your drinking water. It is also capable of eliminating parasites and bacteria that tend to stay in the water. Additionally, the filter removes up to 93% of chlorine fluoride and other toxic chemicals.


• The design is small and compact
• Improves smell and taste
• Three-year warranty on filter parts


• Need to replace the filters most often
• Difficulty in replacing the filters

8. APEX Countertop Water Filter

APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter is an efficient filter that is capable of removing up to 99% of contaminants in the drinking water. These contaminants are inclusive of parasites, chlorine, harmful metals and minerals, bacteria, fluoride, and arsenic, and are eliminated through a five-step filtration process. Eventually, the water’s PH is raised while the acidity is lowered.


• Easy to set up and use
• The alkaline water produced is healthier to drink


• A bit costly compared to others within the range

9. AquaTru Countertop Filter System

The water filter removes up to 905 of chromium, fluoride, lead, copper, and chlorine among other water contaminants. It is very easy and convenient to use as it is automatic and can filter gallons of water into clean, purified water for drinking in a time span of 12 minutes.


• Automatic and therefore easy to use
• Highly efficient
• The materials are BPA-free


• Relatively costly

10. New Wave Enviro Water Filter System

This water filter has a 10-step filtering process through which it removes a good number of toxins, pollutants, and contaminants in your cooking or drinking water. it is notable that each of the ten steps is unique to specific types of minerals, organic compounds, and bacteria. This system has considerably small filters hence helping to screen out protozoa and cysts hence making the water clear and clean.


• Friendly customer care
• Easy installation process
• Faster output among filters


• No fluoride filters
• Only usable on tap water

Buyers Guide

Coming to the end of the list of top 10 best countertop water filters confirms your attention to details. So then, what comes next is your buyer’s guide. What more do you need to add to your basket after filling it with the ten items? Please, know these facts as well.

Intended Use

The purification systems come in shapes and sizes. Whatever filter you settle for should be dictated by the capacity of the water you intend to filter. Be able to clearly define this from the onset.

Filtration Time

Believe me, the speeds with which these systems purify water greatly differ. If you need a purifier for commercial purposes then speed plays a significant role. However, if the filter is meant for domestic consumption then you need not spend an extra dime for the sake of processing speed.

Final Thought

The market is flooded with eye-catching countertop water filters. It would be easy to get absorbed by the marketing gimmicks and make a wrong choice. With our guided list, however, you are sure to make the right choice.

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