10 Best Coffee Makers

When the cold winter beckons and the entire surrounding seems icy and unwelcoming, you definitely try to think of a natural way of suiting yourself out. At any cold moment of the day, coffee gives you the best stimuli that your body desires. What next? You go looking for coffee makers. Whereas the market is flooded with what the dealers dub as top-notch coffee makers, the struggles you go through before finding for the best may sometimes be such a daunting experience.

You have landed on this page to see if it offers what you are shopping for, right? Take a deep breath as you have just clicked on the right link. We have gone through a great deal to avail to you a refined list of top 10 best coffee makers on the market. Lend us a few minutes of your time and we will take you through the distinct features of each item.

10 Best Coffee Makers Reviews By Consumer Reports 2020.

1. OXO Good Grips

If you are drawn to the concept of instant coffee, you are probably finding it hard to get a perfect match, right? Not anymore. OXO Good Grips has a cold brew process that makes it the right one for you. it not only allows you to have low-acid but also a great tasting concentrate within a glimpse of an eye. Use it to make a delicious cup of iced or coffee. This machine offers a perfect alternative to both flat out instant coffee and drip coffee machine.


• The concentrate gives good quality coffee
• Takes extremely short time t make coffee
• Easily stored with minimal fuss


• Not of much benefit to non-lovers of concentrate
• The lifespan of the concentrate is considerably short

2. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio 2

This is an espresso machine generally considered a top-notch small coffee maker. It is capable of producing an array of exceptional brewed coffee drinks. If you prefer a recognizable brand in your kitchen then Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio 2 perfectly feeds your desire. The machine produces an excellent cup of coffee that will make you crave for a lot more. It also scores high for its style and ability to conserve energy. The machine is set to shut down automatically after five minutes of inactivity thus no need to worry about escalating bills in case you regularly forget to turn it off.


• Consistent and flavorful coffee standards
• Easy to use
• Conserves energy


• Cleaning it is quite demanding
• Slightly costs high due to its all-rounder feature

3. Bonavita BV1900TS

The secret to a great cup of coffee squarely lies on how you treat the beans and the water temperature. This is a single indisputable fact that the Bonavita brand vividly understands. The gadget has a pre-infusion mode that enables the moistening of beans which are freshly ground thus encouraging degassing. A temperature controlled drip then follows, eventually optimizing flavor extraction. Its beautifully designed spray head handles the pre-infusion of water before brewing takes effect. This it does through an even distribution of water.


• Consistently excellent coffee
• Features a few whistles and bells
• Its sleek stainless steel keeps coffee worm for a couple of hours


• Need to be descaled regularly
• Difficulty in extracting final ounces of coffee

4. Moccamaster Coffee Machine

Grab yourself a Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Machine and be able to make your coffee in a period of less than 20 minutes. In addition to having a piping hot morning brew right in front of you within a short stint of time, this machine also lets your coffee taste like one ordered from a high-end café. Goodbye to those overpriced and acidic motor oil normally got in corporate coffee shops.


• Easy to clean and maintain
• Non-fuss design
• Expert brewing due to the constant temperature


• Less perfect groundwater dispersal
• Slightly expensive compared to other coffee makers

5. Keurig Brew coffee maker

This is a top notch product which satisfies the need of a one cup lover. This product is simply the best since it brews many flavors in six, eight and ten- ounce sizes. The product is indeed pocket-friendly and is worth going for. For single users, no other comes close.


• Suitable for making small volumes of coffee.
• Can be used for heating water for other domestic purposes.
• A delightfully deep drip tray, unlike many a coffee machine.


Not suitable during a big get-together gathering since it produces a small volume of coffee

6. Cuisinart 3200

Cuisinart is an award-winning brand known for creating large batches of delicious, café- quality coffee. It is a programmable coffee machine hence enabling you to adjust the temperature at your own wish as from high, medium and low setting. It is also programmed in a manner that it cleans itself.


• Gives an alert when coffee is done preparing.
• If the alert is annoying you can shut it off.
• Has a 3-year warranty.
• Suitable for large get-togethers due to large capacity hence producing large volume.
• Programmed in a manner that it can clean itself.


• Due to the large capacity, there is likely of wasting especially where there are few people.

7. Kitchen AID KCM08120B

Kitchen Aid produces delicious coffee as you would hope for. It has a simple operation procedure. It also features 24-hour programmability. Kitchen Aid is one of the best coffee makers for people who are always in a rush since it has a one-touch operation.


• Makes extremely hot coffee
• Has a magnetic seal which means no leaking between components of the coffee machine.


• It takes the longest time more than 10min to brew a full 8-cup pot.
• It may be difficult to clean up if in a hurry.

8. Hamilton Beach

If you have encountered instances of coffee getting stale upon sitting on a warming plate for some time then you are definitely thinking of a machine that will help you out with that vise. It is good you landed on Hilton Beach 12-cup. This machine gets rid of carafe and opts for internal storage of self-brewed coffee. The machine is also reliably excellent as it produces coffee of good quality.


• Ease of maintenance
• Requires low maintenance
• Efficient for keeping large amounts of coffee hot


• Has a plastic feel

9. BUNN BT Coffee machine

This is a thoughtfully engineered and tastefully designed 10-cup coffee machine. It greatly preserves time while performing its duties. Just within a short period of 3 minutes, the machine is capable of brewing 10 cups of delicious coffee. This top-notch gadget is highly seasoned and enjoys the preference of a larger majority.


• Has a 3-year warranty
• The insulated vacuum prevents possible breakage
• A faster drip of coffee


• The package is not inclusive a heating pad

10. Ninja Coffee Machine

Turn your kitchen into a café with Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee Machine. This wonderful product features a range of brewing options. It also has numerous serving sizes to choose from. This all-inclusive espresso maker and coffee brewer give you more than you pay for. With this device, you get to explore the world of gourmet coffee from the comfort of your house.


• Offers an array of brewing styles
• A variety of serving sizes to choose from
• Transforms regular coffee to a foamy delight


• Cleaning is a bit involving
• Not so fast

Buyers Guide

Having spent your valuable time going through the list of top 10 best coffee maker, it will be more rewarding to spend a little more time learning what you need to know as you make your purchase. Let’s go.

Brew Capacity

The machine you purchase should meet your demand. If, for instance, you are the only coffee lover in your household, it would be wasteful going for a 10-cup brewer.

The Machine Price

Whereas the prices of coffee makers range from that of a t-shirt to a whopping $300, it is considerable that at an approximate cost of $100, you are capable of getting a durable machine that serves your needs well. However, if brands do matter to you then you can spend a little higher on what goes down well with you.

Final Thought

Information is king and having it at your fingertips sets you out in a world of infinity. Our team gives you the very best. We now roll the ball back to you as you intend to make your best pick. We hope to see you enjoy your cup of coffee thanks to our top 10 best coffee makers list.

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