Do I Need Health Insurance

Do I Need Health Insurance?

We can experience unpredictable appearance of any kind of disease at any time in our life. It is a kind of uncertainty which brings a lot of challenges associated with the health issues. No matter what the age of a person is, threat of the uncertain and unpredictable disease always terrifies us. People being fit, always wish for not suffering any kind of severe disease but they never really ask a question to themselves – ‘Do I need health insurance?‘ even after knowing the fact that we are living a bad lifestyle where we hardly get any chance to maintain our health.

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the risk of medical expenses. It helps us to deal with the uncertain health issues. This article is helpful for the people who are concerned to buy health insurance, with the purpose of providing an informative answer for their question – ‘why do I need health insurance?

1. Medical emergencies can make your bank account empty

You need to buy health insurance plans to deal with the expenses of medical emergencies. It is very expensive when you need a surgery for the treatment. Indulging in any kind of major accident without having health insurance can actually make your bank accounts empty. Sometimes you have to think before taking any kind of treatment because of not having too much money. So, you really need health insurance for getting the required money at the time of medical emergencies and it can actually spare your savings.

2. Health insurance results early treatment

You ignore the requirement of getting treatment for little things when you don’t have health insurance. Mild symptoms of a disease lead to severe diseases when not diagnosed for a long time. One should always take quick and early preventive steps to avoid fatal diseases. Having health insurance results in early diagnose by not letting people avoid the mild symptoms.

3. Necessity of your life

Health insurance has become a necessity for everyone. A risk of being sick is always there. Buying a health insurance plan is expensive, but that doesn’t mean it is a luxury. It has now become a necessity for the person of every age. Health insurance plan can be little expensive when you buy it, but it can cost much more if you don’t. Heart surgeries are seems very expensive when you pay a huge amount of money at one time without having health insurance, but it is easy to spend in installments than in a bulk if this kind of health emergency occurs.

4. Covers OPD charges

People think that having health insurance is helpful in getting emergency treatments only. It is not true as health insurance also covers the OPD charges in the process of treatment. Patients don’t have to pay much for the visits and normal medications. Health insurance plans do have the facilities which motivate people to buy one. It is essential for the people to check whether it covers the OPD expenses or not at the time of buying it.

5. Promotes healthy living

Health insurance is not only required for one time. It promotes healthy living throughout the life when we buy a health insurance plan. It motivates us to stay fit. We try to concentrate on being physically and mentally fit. Health insurance companies work on wellness plans which appreciate us for fitness by promoting healthy living among other things.

6. Lifestyle illness has increased

As we all know that we always remain busy that we hardly get time to do something for a good health. Being indulged in modern lifestyle, we use advanced technology for the works that should be done by our side. This leads to less physical activities and eventually results in the illness. Being habitual for this kind of lifestyle, we actually need health insurance to deal with future illness.

7. Buying it earlier, you can enjoy more benefits

It is important for every person to realize – ‘why do I need health insurance?’ as earlier as you can. You should buy health insurance in the early ages if you want to make your money worth spending in buying this expensive insurance plan. You can get various additional benefits for some surgeries, certain treatments, pre-existing illness coverage, etc. It becomes difficult to buy health insurance plan in the late 40’s. So, you need a health insurance in your early age for having all the benefits offered by the insurance companies.

8. Self worth

We always feel uncomfortable to buy a health or life insurance plan for us. We don’t want to think about uncertain and unpredictable future crisis that may come. But we easily get convinced for having the insurance of luxury items that we buy because we love those luxurious things and don’t want any harm to them. It means we don’t love our self as much as we love other things. Having a health insurance plan actually increases self worth. It makes us value our own life.

9. Early retirement and inconsistent income source

Today, retirement policies are being changed in which people are getting their retirement at early ages. It leads to inconsistency in the source of income. They can’t able to handle huge amount of medical bills due to the lack of income. In this case, health insurance plan help a lot. Retired employees don’t have to worry about the money matters when they face a medical emergency even having a lack of income.


This is how we can get the answer of ‘why do I need health insurance?‘ One thing leads to other. If we have health insurance plan, we always be concern about the small health issues that we face. We make efforts to diagnose the disease at early stage and it prevents the disease to become a big one. It actually promotes the value of our life which increases self worth. It makes us think about the uncertain and unpredictable future crisis which can help us in planning for our own betterment. It is really important to realise the need of having health insurance to fight with the unfortunate situations of the life.

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