Situated between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Sukhothai is one of the most impressive ancient capitals of Thailand. Apart from its surviving ruins and traditional monuments, the city is nowadays, associated with various activities and places to visit. The city is considered one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is easily accessible by […]

Phuket is the capital city of Phuket province of Thailand located on Phuket Island. Being the largest island of Thailand, Phuket offers a number of great viewpoints, cultural attractions and historic old town to visit. Thus you can do a number of memorable things during your visit to Phuket. Some of the worthy places to […]

The Philippines is probably one of the best places on earth you can visit. With more than 7,000 islands, you will definitely have the greatest tourist experience with nature in this country. Among its popular islands is Palawan, a place of amazing landscapes and beaches. Some of the famous activities you can do here are […]

Formerly known as Burma, this country is the home to the rich culture, historical art and architects and has very well preserved age old heritage. After ages of rise and fall of several empires and dictatorships of various military groups, this land is finally flourishing and attracting travelers to discover Myanmar, which means the Golden […]

Are you planning to visit Bangkok? If yes, there are a few experiences which you should not miss out on. Bangkok is unlike any other big metropolitan city. It is filled with culture and heritage. Moreover, the natives are quite friendly as well. It means that exploring Bangkok won’t cause any hurdles. With so many […]