Top 10 Best Tower Fans Reviews By Consumer Reports 2019

Whether it is at your workplace or your house where you spend most of your time, chances are that you have at one time been a victim of the effects of adverse weather. When such heating and cooling problems crop up at any of such places unexpectedly, you always wish to ensure your suffering is not prolonged more than you can sustain. In such instances, installing an air conditioner becomes handy. Whilst it sounds easy to set up a central air conditioning unit, the sad truth is that not all your rooms will get a good supply of air to dissipate the heat thus saving you from the hot, sticky summer days.

So, temporarily your solution comes with a set of challenges, right? In this case, a tower fan becomes the best pursuable option at your disposal. Not only are tower fans pocket-friendly but also enhance air circulation efficiently. They help you out by cooling and improving the air quality in rooms not reachable by your central air conditioner. They provide solid air movement for a quick cooling of any room. Averagely, the tower fans stand between 2-4 feet high on your floor, making them occupy a very small space compared to pedestal and large box fans. We have done a proper scrutiny to iron out the top 10 best tower fans and consumer reports.

The 10 Best Tower Fans Consumer Reports in 2019:

1. Lasko 2551 42″ Wind Curve Platinum Cooling

If your bedroom and living room matter a lot to you, then you definitely can’t underestimate the joy that comes with setting up a Lasko 2551 42// Wind Curve Platinum cooling fan in them. It is a three-speed, oscillating tower pan with a wind-curve profile. Being 42.5 inches high, it features improved air circulation. It has a timer which helps in saving energy as it allows auto shut-off. It also has remote control storage and an easy-to-carry handle. It is both quiet and powerful. It also features a patented and fused safety plug, making it free of electrical incidents.

2. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Convinced that you have encountered the power of generator blades, am sure you know what they can achieve. The Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan features Turbo wind generator blades enabling it to circulate more air at a given time. Given that it has a remote control, you can turn it on and off conveniently from the comfort of your seat. Its timer it also makes it easy for the fan to automatically turn on and off after a set number of hours. Given that the fan is made from high-grade plastic, it is extremely lightweight.

3. Honeywell HY-280 Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan

Think of a simple best tower on the market and you will stop to have a look at Honeywell HY-280 Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan. In addition to other sets of features that would make you fall for it, it also features a quiet operation that definitely makes a preferred pick over the rest. You will hardly hear the air blowing out of the vents once you turn it on. It is also extremely easy to use as it comes with oscillation settings and distinct breeze. Its silent operation and eight speeds make it a perfect machine for cooling your bedroom. Moreover, the gadget has a temperature control system that lets you program it to turn on and off at your preset temperatures.

4. Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan

Given its height of 36 inches, the fan offers a better flow of air compared to other fans within its price range. It features an automatic shutdown timer, quiet operation, and a slim design that makes it a perfect fit for your home. It is multifunctional and you are capable of controlling its operations thanks to its remote control system. It offers the best service when installed in bedrooms and living rooms. Considering its silent operation, you can be assured of sound, uninterrupted sleep all through the night despite summer’s intense heat.

5. Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan

Yet another quiet tower fan perfect for your living room and bedroom. This fan has a sophisticated design that makes it a space-saver and an excellent tower fan for your home décor. It has three programmable patterns of airflow for the enhancement of relaxation, comfort, and sleep. It also features a remote control that is practically easy to use. This top-of-the-line tower fan cools you off in a matter of minutes.

6. Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan

You no longer have to worry about cooling your small room. Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan is designed such that it is perfect for use even on a desk. It is so silent that you will work all day long without it interrupting your attention. It features a two-speed setting. in addition, it also has electronic control which is LED-illuminated. The product comes fully-assembled and as such, you need to worry about having to assemble its components by yourself.

7. Holmes HTF3110A-BTM 31inch Oscillating Tower Fan

Wow, I can’t wait to express my love for that elegant, slim tower designs that Holmes HTF3110A-BTM 31inch Oscillating Tower Fan feature. The design gives it optimal performance yet it only takes a small space of your floor. Its lightweight and powerful airflow make it one of the best all-rounder fans on the market. Its fully functional control panel enables you to access its three-speed control settings. It also features a two-hour auto shutdown timer.

8. Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan

I lack words to express the excellent cooling effect that Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan provides. This gadget features easy-to-use electronic controls. In addition, it also has three-speed control settings. Its recessed lifting handle makes it easily movable. If the cost factor matters to you yet you still desire a silent and efficient cooling, this fan is the right choice for you.

9. Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan

Cool your room quickly and quietly using the powerful Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan. The gadget comes with a multi-functional remote system that makes it easy to operate without making unnecessary moves. Additionally, it has a timer and a fresh air ionizer. Its handle further makes it easily movable. The device is easy to set up and requires no skills.

10. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

We end our top 10 best tower fan list with Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan. This silent fan takes very little space of your floor and is perfect for use in table rooms and bedrooms. Moreover, it is energy-efficient, enabling you to save on your power bills. Its sleep timer is programmable such that it lets you turn it on and off automatically at your pre-determined durations. Its remote control features 10 airflow settings.

Customer Reports

A significant number of consumers admit that when it comes to choosing the right fan for use, the experience is normally quite daunting, considering there are several products of this caliber on the market. As opposed to other varieties of air conditioners, however, they admit that the silence with which tower fans operate is what makes a majority fall for them. Of these tower fan subscribers, a bigger majority prefer the tower fans featuring fresh air ionizer as they are generally all-rounder. A few consumers, on the other hand, complain of chirping sound made by some machines that probably result from rubbing together of the machine parts. All in all, these machines are designed to serve their purpose effectively.

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