Top 10 Best Sofa Beds Reviews By Consumer Reports 2019

It is time to say goodbye to long days and nights of back-breaking sleep. At the moment, sofa beds are the best choice for our living rooms, right? You say ‘yes’, that I know. But first, let us ponders over some bitter facts. The truth of the matter is that these sleeper sofas were never that comfy, given the materials used in making them. With the memory foam mattresses blended with new technology, however, this strain has become a thing of the past. You can now buy a modern and stylish sofa bed that not only gives you a lot of comfort during the day but also serves as a bed for your guest when the night falls. Good news is that with the varied styles, shapes, and sizes, the new variety of sofa beds can easily blend with any living room décor.

Despite these seats being everywhere on the market, judging the best from a mere look could be a bit tough on your side. Knowing the tough decision you need to make when purchasing a sofa bed, we have decided to salvage you from this uncalled for situation by assembling the top 10 best sofa beds for you under one link. Take your time and read through our list with an aim of finding a perfect match.

The 10 Best Sofa Beds Consumer Reports in 2019:

1. Zinus Sleeper Sofa Mattress

Get restorative and comfortable sleep thanks to this 5-inch mattress sleeper sofa. You can be assured of never waking up with a neck pain or a backache in the morning if you use this sofa.


• Available in different queen full, and twin sizes
• Affordable
• Great quality


• The 5-year warranty is limited

2. DHP Sofa Bed

This sleeper sofa comes with coil seat cushions and is designed to provide you with enhanced support and maximum comfort for ease of sleep. Its grey color gives it an elegant touch and makes it rather classy.


• Very sturdy
• Super comfortable
• Durable


• No cons

3. Divano Roma Room Sleeper Futon

Due to the durability and support offered by this sofa, it actually ranks among the top sofas on the market. It has a modern design which makes it convenient for placement in any type of setting. It is available in different vibrant colors and as such, seamlessly blends with its décor.


• Strong and durable
• Available in numerous vibrant colors
• Appealing look and smooth design


• No cons

4. Modern Tufted Sleeper Futon Sofa with Nailhead Trim

This leather sleeper sofa has a longer shelf life due to its strong bonded leather upholstery. It is capable of lasting for several years without marks, rips, or tears. It has both stylish and modern looks.


• Offers sound and comfortable sleep
• Available in two colors
• Comes with a split-back design


• A bit expensive

5. Alex’s New Sofa Sleeper

This leather sleeper sofa exudes class and grace as it comes in black color. It is perfect for small rooms where space is a factor to consider. This, however, does not compromise the quality of comfort it offers.


• Stain resistant
• Has an appealing look
• Convenient for limited space


• Need for assembly

6. Sleeper Sofa Bed Bar Shield

This is an amazing sofa that can be used as a bed board. You can also place your mattress on it for additional comfort. On its own, it provides ample support to the sleeper and there is no need to worry about waking up with pain all over your body.


• Very comfortable
• Easy-to-use bed bar shield
• Foldable and easy to store when not in use


• We found none

7. Classic Brands Mattress for Sleeper Sofa

This is indeed a classic brand. One of its remarkable features is that it provides restorative and comfortable sleep along with orthopedic support.


• High-density polyfoam
• High-quality memory foam
• Pressure-relieving nature
• CertiPUR-US certified mattress


• The 3-year warranty is limited

8. Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Sofa Set Couch Sleeper Chaise Lounge

Think of a versatile sofa bed and this modern sofa bed sleeper will fast ring in your mind. You can practically use it as a sofa, chaise, sleeper, and lounge. Due to its enhanced functions, this sleeper sofa indeed offers value for money.


• Multi-purpose
• Sleek and slim design
• Modern and elegant
• Perfect blend with any décor


• No cons

9. Alex’s New Sofa Convertible Couch

If we were to point to the best pull out couch from Alex, this top-of-the-line sofa bed would carry the day. Its thickly padded seat cushion is removable in order to converted convert it to a bed.


• Stain-resistant
• Appealing design
• Comfortable and restorative sleep


• A little bit expensive

10. Zinus Cool Sleeper Sofa

Though coming at the bottom of our list, this product has exceptional features that make it the best sofa bed overall. It offers ultimate support and comfortable sleep to the user. With it, you can be assured of no foul smell coming out.


• CertiPUR-US certified
• High-density base support foam
• Strong and durable
• Odor absorbers available
• 5-year warranty


• The warranty is limited

Best Sofa Beds Buyers Guide

On top of the above-refined list of top 10 best sofa beds, there is a little more to take into consideration when buying a sofa bed. Take a grasp of a few more facts under the buyers’ guide.


A frame is actually the skeleton on which a sofa is built. The best brands of sofa beds make use of kiln-dried hardwood as it is super durable. Sofa beds made of frames from pliable woods such as pine do not last. Considering the tear and wear experienced when changing back and forth, it is perfectly in order that the material used for making the frames be of high durability.


It is a common knowledge that the most noticeable component of the sofa bed is the mattress itself. It is the part of the seat that determines both the feel and the comfort that the product offers. The spring mattresses’ support structure consists of coils which are topped off with a polyurethane layer, making them give firm, springy support. On the other hand, memory foams are known for conforming to the shape of your body. This results into soft, pressure relieving comfort, especially for side sleepers.

Primary Usage

You need a clearly defined intended use of the sofa bed from the onset. If you mostly intend to use it as sitting furniture, then you will definitely need to go for a sofa bed that takes off your backside pressure without having to sink too far. On the other hand, if you wish to use it for sleeping or guest accommodation, then the surface should be able to handle the entire body weight of the sleeper. In most cases, an inner spring will do the trick.


It is good to always be mindful of where you will place the seat. This should take into consideration, the product’s physical dimensions and aesthetics. If you intend to place it in the living room, it will need to be both attractive and comfy. Its upholstery should also blend easily with the rest of the furniture. For a study or den, however, the economy, practicality, and comfort matter a lot and as such, you can always forgo the looks in their favor. Finally, you may have to consider a loveseat or futon in an event of constraint in the room where you intend to place the seat.

Bottom Line

Everything about the sofa bed matters. Be it the beauty and how it blends into your existing décor or the level of comfort that you desire, it all scales down to being selective in your pick. With our incredible list of top 10 best sofa beds, you are sure to get it right.

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