All of us enjoy watching a movie show in a movie theater either alone, with friends, or family members, right? As a result, we end up paying some fees and, at times, get disappointed because of the congestion at such places. Besides, if you are at your home or friend’s site, you might not have the most fabulous display you wish.

Do you know that you can enjoy your movie show experience at your home or outdoors with comfort? That is right, and getting a portable projector screen is the best solution. It will allow you to enjoy watching your fancy movie action on a big screen wherever your heart desires. On top of that, it will help you save the money that you could pay at a movie theater.

However, where will you find the best projector screen with the flooded market? Well, that is where we come in. We have selected and reviewed ten of the best portable projectors in the market today to help you find your fit. If that is what you have been looking for, then keep scrolling this page 🙂

The Best Portable Projector Screen Reviews:

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AmazonBasics Portable Projector Screen

AmazonBasics Portable Projector Screen
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The AmazonBasics Portable Projector Screen is the best choice for those looking to experience larger than life entertainment and presentation power. It features a durable make-up with a collapsible metal stand and frame for a more extended time. Therefore, you can easily share it with friends and colleagues.

The most significant advantage with AmazonBasics Portable Projector Screen is that it is incredibly versatile. As such, it comes as the perfect addition for an office, classroom, conference room, or any home entertainment space. Most importantly, it comes as a big-screen ideal for watching movies with friends and family members.

Special Features:

  • 100-inch projector screen ideal for video games, indoor and outdoor movies and others
  • Black fabric frame enhances contrast while the opaque white screen gives a more vibrant picture
  • Robust construction with collapsible metal frame and stand for a lasting use
  • Portable design makes it easy to set up, take down, and store with ease
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SKERELL Projector Screen with Stand

SKERELL Projector Screen with Stand

Setting up your screen for an urgently waited movie show has never been this easy. Thankfully, the SKERELL Projector Screen comes with an aluminum alloy pipe. This gives you a more fast assembly and simple connection to your mobile home theater in a few minutes. Besides that, its lightweight design plus carrying bag allows excellent portability.

Unlike other typical projector screens, this brand relieves you the stress and worries about your screen getting wrinkles or web-like shapes after setting it up. In addition, it is easy to wash by hand or machine, therefore keeping it always clean. The SKERELL Projector Screen is designed with stability to enhance a comfortable watching.

Special Features:

  • 80-inch projector screen with a broad viewing angle of 1600
  • High-quality polyester and spandex screen material gives a sharp and high-resolution images
  • The lightweight of 6lbs with carrying bag for ultimate portability and storage
  • Stable and robust construction for a comfortable movie watch and durability
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Epson Ultra-Portable Tabletop Projection Screen

Epson Ultra-Portable Tabletop Projection Screen

Are you looking for the best partner for your mobile presentation screen at school, work, and conference rooms? If so, the Epson Ultra-Portable Projection Screen should be your priority choice. It comes with a unique one-piece design that lets you set it up on any tabletop in seconds and start enjoying instantly.

Epson Ultra-Portable Projection Screen offers a perfect fit for any presentation as it displays 50-inch images. Interestingly, it comes as an expandable screen hence meeting most users’ needs. As the name states, it is super lightweight and travel-friendly. Thus, you can move with it around with ease.

Special Features:

  • The one-piece design allows easy and fast installation on any tabletop
  • ultra-lightweight and carrying case for ultimate portability
  • displays images with a diagonal length of 50-inches and also expands to fit most user’s needs
  • made to last and get recycled hence environmental friendly
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Pyle Portable Projector Screen

Pyle Portable Projector Screen

The Pyle Portable Projector Screen features everything you ever wish an upgraded screen to have. It is more useful and versatile enough for a work presentation or playing video games in the comfort of your home. You will find it super easy and fast to set it up with simple manual adjustments hence saving your precious time.

This stylish screen has a retractable and lightweight design making it highly portable and travel-friendly. Besides that, Pyle Portable Projector Screen has a heavy-duty and sturdy construction for durability. This is to say that it is resistant to both mildew and stain. Plus, the screen is made of fabric material that is flame retardant making it unique.

Special Features:

  • Lightweight and designed for fast and easy set up making it travel friendly
  • Heavy duty construction with resistant to stain, mildew, and flame retardant fabric for durability
  • Premium matte fabric screen enhances optimal viewing surface
  • Incredibly versatile set-up as it can fit in any convenient space
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Celexon Portable Mobile Projector with Pre-mounted Stand

Celexon Portable Mobile Projector with Pre-mounted Stand

The Celexon Portable Mobile Screen Projector will make all your mobile applications easy and enjoyable. It boasts an ultra-small pack size and lightweight for easy carrying and usability. Interestingly, its assembly takes only three minutes, providing a combination of the robust tripod legs, fiberglass, and 1.0 Gain factor to give top-notch projection experience.

Another cool thing with this portable projector screen is the height-adjustable feature. Therefore, you can set the most suitable height that fits your viewing requirements. The Celexon Portable Mobile Projector comes with a fabric supplied in a plastic sleeve that gives extra protection and durability.

Special Features:

  • The 16:9 format makes it excellent for all HD, Full HD, or 4K projectors with 1200 angle of view
  • Wrinkle-free matte fiberglass screen cloth ensures high visual capacity
  • Durable yet lightweight design makes this projector screen ultimately versatile
  • Tripod stand makes it stable on any surface and height adjusts with convenience
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Vamvo Portable Projector Screen

Vamvo Portable Projector Screen

When it comes to providing a wide range of high-quality projector screens, Vamvo takes the lead. With their Portable Projector Widescreen, you can rest assured that you have a quality piece for your outdoor, home theater, classroom, or business settings. The good thing is that it is universally suitable for most LED, LCD, or DLP projectors.

Additionally, Vamvo Portable Projector Screen boasts a durable material construction that makes it last longer. The material also offers a smooth transitioning into the desired screen display effect for excellent viewing. Tripod legs included ensures you have a stable base without any swings on strong winds.

Special Features:

  • Super easy to set up which lasts less than three minutes
  • Unique and rigid tripod stand offers excellent stability for a comfortable viewing experience
  • Foldable design with a stand combines with the general lightweight making it convenient to carry
  • High-quality fabric material gives 16:9 aspect ratio for a perfect view

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VIVO 100-Inch Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

VIVO 100-Inch Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

If you are looking for the screen that will provide you the most affordable solution to your professional or personal projection desires, this should be your lucky pick. Certainly, it comes with an easy to use design best for businesses, home theaters, and classroom settings. The great thing is that its solid material provides a swift transition to the desired screen height.

Aluminum tripod legs included gives a stable base for comfortable use. Besides, it folds up much easier to enhance effortless portability and storage. What is more, the VIVO 100-Inch Portable Projector Screen gives a perfect fit to most LCD, DLP, or LED projectors available on the market.

Special Features:

  • Crisp viewing angles of up to 1200 with a matte white surface to help diffuse light in all directions
  • Screen material has 1.1 GAIN with typical black backing helps to restrict the penetration of light
  • The auto-locking mechanism helps to adjust screen height much easily
  • Portable design with a 100-inch size ideal for different applications
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Elite Screens Tripod Portable Projector Screen

Elite Screens Tripod Portable Projector Screen

Elite Screens Tripod Portable Projector Screen is a perfect choice for use both indoor and outdoor. Whether small or large venue presentations, this unit does the job pretty well. Besides, this certified and dependable screen mix accuracy with the beauty of the classical design. To add on that, its solid construction makes it withstand the rigors of daily use and last longer.

An adjustable locking ring included gives ease in the adjustable height settings. Therefore, this ensures a more comfortable use while giving you the best angle of viewing. Elite Screens Tripod Portable Projector Screen comes boarded with four sides of black masking that traps the unwanted excess light most projectors have.

Special Features:

  • Heavy-duty construction and tripod stand withstands rigors of daily usage
  • The lightweight design meant for secure storage or use while on the go
  • Adjustable locking ring gives ease of use in different height settings
  • Built-in keystone eliminator mechanism makes aiming and calibration a breeze
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Epson Duet 80-Inch Projection Screen

Epson Duet 80-Inch Projection Screen

This high-quality portable projection screen is in its class of the best. It is one screen with two sizes: standard (4:3) and windscreen (16:9) formats. As a result, you can conveniently choose one that suits your needs. Additionally, it has an ultra-lightweight making it the best portable solution for all home theater applications and business presentations.

The good thing is that the Epson Duet Projection Screen gives you two mounting options. This is to say, you can use the included floor stand to set up your screen. Similarly, you can mount it onto the wall using the included bracket. Operating this screen is super easy and gives you the most vibrant images on the bright white screen.

Special Features:

  • Two in one portable projector screen suitable for a wide range of use
  • Super-fast installation with all required items included
  • Optional mounting styles makes it suitable and flexible to use
  • Ultra-lightweight with a collapsible design for high portability
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Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Portable Fast Folding Projector Screen

Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Portable Fast Folding Projector Screen

Finally, here is our long-awaited best portable projector screen we selected for you. It comes as the best-selling brand with excellent ratings and reviews from other users. Most importantly, the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 has a lightweight aluminum frame with a fast-folding design. Thus, it enhances easy and quick set up for portability.

The Elite Screens Yard Master 2 comes as a free standing projection screen. Therefore, it is the best partner for all your outdoor presentations where the front or rear projection materials are available. Additionally, locking joints included ensures more stable performance whereas the Snap-On screen design promotes a tighter installation.

Special Features:

  • 100-inch diagonal with an aspect ratio of 16:9 makes it best for most applications
  • The durable screen material is stain and mildew resistant and gives a viewing angle of 1500
  • Lightweight aluminum square tube construction enhances both easy assembly and portability
  • Backed by a 2 to 3-year limited lifetime warranty

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best portable projector screen:

Today, many individuals have opted for portable projector screens because of their versatility and convenience. As a result, plenty of kinds of screens have been availed in the market, leaving buyers in a dilemma when they want to choose the best. In this buying guide, we have researched the main things to look out for when buying your screen.


When we talk about size, we refer to both the size of the projector screen and the area for use. These portable screens come in different sizes to suit specific spaces and viewing needs. Besides, it is vital to check for the format the display will support. Choose a screen projector with the best size that will suit the space you intend to use.

Angle of view

Will the screen give you the best angle for you to watch entirely when sitting perpendicularly to it? That is what you must understand before buying your features product. Most screens give a particular viewing angle. For instance, those with an aspect of 1800 will let you watch a clear image. A low viewing angle may make you start to crumble and even blur. Therefore, select the best that will give you an excellent view.

Assembly and Portability

The ease of assembly of a portable projector screen matters a lot. This often depends on the features included in its design. Does it have detachable, collapsible, or foldable parts? Besides, a projector screen with a lighter weight will give you an easy time to assemble as well as carry around. Some may come with a carrying bag to provide more convenience in storage and to transport.

Material construction

The material used often defines the ease of cleaning, viewing, and the period your screen will last. When it comes to choosing a portable projector screen, you will need to consider one with a durable metal frame and stand. Thus, it will give you a lasting use and stability. Besides, the screen material should be a durable fabric that will not catch stain, fire, or mildew. As such, it will give you an easy time to wash by hand or machine.

Final Thoughts!
If you want to experience the best presentations, gaming, and watching movies, a portable projector screen is the best choice. You will find them very easy to use and lighter in weight for ultimate portability as compared to TV monitors. The best part is, they can withstand rigors of daily use and are easy to clean. Our 10 Best Portable Projectors above will provide you with the best projection while using them without a fuss. Thus, you need to feel comfortable and confident to select one that will suit your needs.

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