The Best Inflatable Bounce House Toy

Best Inflatable Bounce House Toys in 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The summer is now in full swing and it is the best time for your children to play outside. However, it is difficult nowadays to tell your kids to move away from the game console or the cartoons they watch. For this reason, you need to think outside the box as a parent to distract your children from electronic devices indoors. One item that helps children have fun today and still appeals to them is the bouncing house. Also, they are today more affordable and it makes it easy to own yours for your children at home.

Buying an inflatable bounce house is cheaper than renting it from time to time during the summer. Further to providing your children with a fun activity, your children also keep active physically. Storing the bouncing house is not hard and therefore, it is a nice investment. Well, the market for this niche is awash with tons of options, which can be a source of confusion and frustration especially to first time buyers. However, you are lucky if you landed on this page as we have some good news for you. In the next few minutes, we take a look at the ten of the finest inflatable bounce houses to consider buying.

The Best Inflatable Bounce House Toys for Sale:

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YARD Bounce House

YARD Bounce House

To start off this review, we begin with a product from YARD. This amazing bounce house comes with a slide as well as a climbing wall to help your children to enjoy the outdoors. The bounce house has the potential to keep your children fit and away from indoor electronic devices. The size is another factor that makes this bounce house state of the art.

It measures 13.1 feet length, 12.5 width, and 8.2 feet in height when you inflate it for use. With this size, 5-7 children can play comfortably. which means you can use it in case there is a birthday party for your child and their friends turn up to enjoy your child’s big day.

Special Features:

  • It contains four obstacles for your children to enjoy.
  • The YARD has Climbing wall.
  • It is ideal for parties as it can be used by 5-7 children
  • The jumping mattress is 19.6 inches enough for jumping ability.
  • Easy setup and installation with a heavy-duty blower.
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Little Tikes Junior Sports ‘n Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Junior Sports n Slide Bouncer

When you choose to buy a bounce house for your children, you want them to remain active. You do not want them to spend all day playing video games and watching cartoons on the television like couch potatoes. This is the reason why we include the Little Tikes Junior Sports ‘n Slide bouncer to our list at number 9. It is designed for kids who admire sports and want to be a part of that.

With a basketball hoop as well as a ball, your kids will be doing their basketball hero imitations right on the bounce house. In addition, for those who love slides, it is mounted right next to the bounce house for more fun. Therefore, your kids get to play more creatively compared to a traditional bounce house and enjoy their time during the summer. With a mesh on the sides, the kids are free to play in safety with no worry for injuries if one falls off. Here are some special features we added in this review to show you why you need to purchase this bounce house.

Special Features:

    • Product size is 112 in length, 93 in width, and 72 inches in height which provides accommodation for at least three children
    • There is a maximum weight of 250lbs
    • The anchors for the bouncer are quality and firmly placed
    • Included are accessories such as a heavy-duty blower, an inflatable basketball, bouncer stakes, and blower stakes
    • Has a three-month warranty upon purchase
    • The walls are durable and protective
    • Is designed for outdoor use and is convenient during the summer
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Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House

Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House

This awesome inflatable bounce house can only be compared to a charming palace. Make your child feel like a king or queen by purchasing this great palace-like bounce house. It has bright red flags as well as a spacious courtyard. Besides, it has a climbing wall as well as a bright blue slide that is 10 feet.

For your little lord or lady, you need not worry as the castle is built for safety and comfort. For instance, it has a removable sunroof made of Velcro for use during the sunny summer days and prevents sunburn. Additionally, there is a netted safety cover to protect your children from falling when using the slide or bouncing inside. With an expansive space of 8.5 feet by 7 feet, your children will enjoy this inflatable bounce house and feel like royalty.

Special Features:

  • The material on the bouncing flow is heavy-duty
  • It is powered using a strong UL blower
  • The Royal Palace has large pillars all round to help the structure remain strong during use
  • It is hugely inflated with the dimensions at 13feet length, 12feet width and 9 feet in height
  • The blower has a long tube 6.5 feet so that it is placed at a distance from the bounce castle
  • It can be used indoor or outdoors
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L.O.L Surprise Jump and Slide Inflatable Bounce House

L.O.L Surprise Jump and Slide Inflatable Bounce House

The L.O.L Surprise Jump and Slide comes with a blower for convenience in personal use at your home. Your children can jump, bounce, and slide in this inflatable bounce house and have fun during the summer. It is spacious enough to accommodate 3 children based on its dimension.

This product inflates and deflates in a matter of seconds and folds well for easy storage. It is surprisingly light at 2.2 pounds when deflated which means you can easily carry it into the storage area after use.

Special Features:

  • Can accommodate up to 3 children at a time with a capacity of 250lbs
  • Inflatable slide that adds fun to use of this product
  • A heavy-duty blower is included upon purchase with a carrying bag and a repair kit
  • Inflates and deflates in a matter of seconds
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Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Bounce House

Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Bounce House

With dimensions measuring 12 feet in width and 7 feet height, 15 inches in depth, you can accommodate 5 children in this bounce house. The Blast Zone Superstar is safe as it has a commercial-grade floor and can be used under the sun. Your children get to enjoy endless fun due to its high grade and heavy-duty material.

The play area is protected and there is endless space for your children to remain physically active outdoors. A safety slope is included to allow for easy access. It is great for large families and can be used for events or parties at your home.

Special Features:

  • It has safety features that include soft netting that prevents abrasion as well as a safety slide.
  • There are numerous anchor points to prevent your children from falling off while bouncing
  • You have a blower included upon purchase
  • It inflates in about 2 minutes or less
  • The deflated size of the bounce house is the size of a rolled sleeping bag.
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Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer

Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer

The Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer is a great product for indoor activity. You can invite neighbors over during a rainy day to have fun indoors. It is also a great addition to your yard during the summer. Measuring at 7 feet in height, your children are sure to have the fun of their lives.

For safety purposes, the whole bouncing area is enclosed using a safety net. In addition, the safe slope allows easy access in the form of a short slide. Once you purchase this product, you have included a blower, storage straps, and instructions on how to install the bounce house. Included are the following special features for this product.

Special Features:

  • The Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer inflates in seconds
  • Can accommodate a maximum gross weight of 600lbs
  • Upon purchase, you also get a heavy-duty high-grade blower
  • The surfaces are Commercial grade for safe impact
  • Airtight blower for fast inflation
  • Durable and safe
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My Bouncer Little Castle

My Bouncer Little Castle

For all the fun you need for your children, this product provides that and more. With a pit area for balls to play in, your children can choose to bounce in the castle or play in the ball pit area. Although the balls are not included upon purchase, you can add that to your purchase at a low price. For a little cost, you can get some 500 balls to include in My Bouncer Little Castle and make it more interesting for your children.

With a maximum height of 6 feet, you can fit it well indoors for fun on a rainy day. In case of a cut or leak, a simple patch or duct tape will fully repair the area as it is made of rubber to prevent any leakage of air. Rated at 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, this is the product for your family.

Special Features:

  • Great for indoor use
  • Easy set up and inflates in 60 seconds
  • Included are patch materials for repair that match the colors of your bounce house
  • With dimensions of 88 by 118 by 72 inches, there is enough space for your children to play with
  • Ball pit included for more fun.
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Picasso Tiles Bounce House

Picasso Tiles Bounce House

With a huge play area measuring 12 feet by 10 feet, your children are bound to enjoy. Three children can easily fit in the Picasso Tiles Bounce House which can accommodate a gross weight of 250lbs. For easy access, there is a back-entry door as well as multiple entrances around the castle.

For the safety of your children, you get a net to cover the sides to prevent them from falling over. Included is a slide to add fun for your children.

Special Features:

  • Velcro cover that is retractable for use as shade during the summer
  • Basketball rim for dunking as your children play
  • It is more therapeutic compared to electronic devices indoors
  • Certified as high quality and non-toxic
  • Quick set up and takes less than 3 minutes to inflate
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Blast Zone Magic Castle

Blast Zone Magic Castle

With the quick set up that is offered with this product, your children will be gleefully playing in the bouncing castle in a few minutes. The bounce floor is made of commercial-grade vinyl which is safe and durable. For this product, you have the freedom to use both indoors and outdoors.

Allow your kids to play in this Magic Castle and have peace of mind as it has safety nets on the side to prevent your children from falling off. Here are the features that make this product great.

Special Features:

  • A blower, storage straps, as well as instructions for set up are included.
  • Includes a safety slide when getting out of the bounce house
  • Netting helps prevent abrasion
  • Has numerous anchor points for safety
  • The surfaces are commercial grade for impact
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Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House

Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House

Coming in at number 1 is the Little Tikes Inflatable Jump and Slide Bounce House. It is designed with a large area to accommodate several children. Your children have the choice to stay in the bounce area or choose the fun slide.

The Jump ‘n slide inflates in a few minutes and allows your children to use it quickly with no waiting. In addition, after use, it is easy to store as it folds compactly to a small size. Purchase this great bounce house that we vote as the most superior due to its space and additional features for your children to enjoy. Rated at 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, this is the product for you if you have a large family. Other
Special Features:

    • include the following.

Special Features:

    • Large jumping area measuring 12feet by 9feet
    • Mesh around the bounce house to protect your children and allow you to watch as they play
    • Tall walls
    • Useful anchors to keep the bounce castle in place after inflation
    • Accessories that include a repair kit, bouncer stakes, and blower stakes.
    • A combined weight of 250lbs

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the Best Inflatable Bounce House Toy:

Based on the above list, we have discussed the best inflatable castles ranking them based on their special features. In this review, we need to notify you that there are many bounce houses not included in this list. Therefore, for this summer, you may be confused when planning to purchase a bounce house for your children. The above list should provide you assistance. However, there are other factors to consider when buying a bounce house in addition to the above list. Next, we go through the following guide and you will have an idea on how to make the best purchase for your children’s fun during this summer.

Safety of Your Children

You are purchasing the bounce house for your kid’s entertainment. As such, you need to consider how safe they are as they use the bounce house you purchase. Safety features should include a net to surround the bouncing castle and protect your children from falling off while playing. Also, ensure the entry and exit points are accessible to your child and offer help if one of your children happens to be under the age of 6. Be sure to be there as they use the bounce house as you never know when it may deflate in case of air leakage causing suffocation on those stuck inside.

Quality of the material

Most bounce houses are made of ripstop vinyl and ultra-durable fabric mesh that includes a PVC coating. We believe that you should also check for finger proof netting as you never know what your children are up to as they play. the material should also be high stress to ensure it does inflate during use as most likely, your children will be jumping and sliding while playing in the bounce house. Be sure to ask the seller before buying on the safety and durability the material offers. Look for the highest quality.


Most materials used for making bounce house toys have different warranties. Look for one that has good return policies and adequate in case of damage that is irreparable on your part. Choose an inflatable bounce house that has at least 3 years warranty for a dry unit and 1.5 years for a wet unit. There should also be a minimum of 30-day return policy for your convenience. Purchase your bounce house from a renowned shop as well as a website that offers standard policies.

Blowers and accessories

The bounce house is one that requires inflating during use and deflating for storage after use. therefore, accessories are a necessity. Check how durable the blower is as well as the stakes and the repair kits. Do not go for plastic stakes unless you use it for indoor purposes. The same is true for the repair kits; ensure they are not flimsy.

Wrapping Up!
Our review has provided you with a list of what we rate as the best ten inflatable bounce houses for your home use. All these bounce castles highlighted in our list are great for your home use and not for commercial use. We have provided the factors that you need to consider and given a guide on additional factors to consider before purchasing a bounce house. We now leave you with the decision to go through the list and consider the features. Based on your own private needs for your home, you will decide the best product to fit the size of your home or yard to provide fun for your family this summer. We leave our review here with in-depth information that will ensure your kids have the time of their life this summer. Good luck folks!

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